Best Student Violin Cases of 2022

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The vast majority of violinists looking for violin cases are actually students! These are young students playing at youth symphonies, high school orchestras, community orchestras, summer music camps, etc.

Parents often look for the best violin cases for students within a certain budget. After all, we’re assuming that the young violinist is playing a student violin, so it doesn’t make too much sense to buy a professional violin case that’ll cost more than the violin itself.

Now this may not be true for young virtuosos that practice on their expensive violins several hours a day. We would definitely still suggest getting a professional case that is designed to protect valuable violins.

However, for the vast majority of student violinists, we have compiled a list of some of the best selling student violin cases.


What To Look For In A Student Violin Case

Before we get to the list of violin cases, let’s first look at some of the criteria we took into consideration.


The Lighter The Better

This is one of the most important factors of a good student violin case. Students these days already carry a ton of school books. Adding a heavy case can really lead to poor posture over time.

However, the lighter the violin case, the more expensive it usually gets. Unless you get a light and cheap styrofoam violin case. But then you’ll be sacrificing protection, since you can break these styrofoam cases just by sitting on them.

So when we’re looking at light student violin cases, we’re trying to find the lightest violin cases that still offer decent enough protection for student violins without breaking the bank.

Light violin cases are generally between 4 to 5.5 lb. Most traditional violin cases are 7 to 9 lb. The lightest violin cases in the world are around 3.5 lb. So finding a student violin case under 5.5 lb. is definitely ideal.


Strong Protection

Interestingly enough, students often need protective cases more than professional violinists! High schools are like jungles. Even if your child is safe and careful with his or her violin, we still have to worry about all the other rambunctious classmates that may not understand just how fragile violins can be.


Really Durable

The worst and most frequent issue we see with cheap violin cases is poor durability. This could be cheap zippers or loose hinges and latches. Even if you get a really protective case, it still becomes unusable if the zippers break and you’re unable to close the case.

So how do you know if a case is durable? Often by the brand name. Brands are reputable for a reason. Good brands invest in quality components to make sure that their cases are designed to last a long time.


Fun & Colorful!

Traditional black rectangular cases are boring! And they’re difficult to find in a sea of black cases after orchestra rehearsal. Nowadays, there are so many color options to choose from. Young students can choose the color that best represents their style!


Which Student Violin Cases To Avoid

Knowing what NOT to look for is just as important as knowing what to look for. Especially nowadays with thousands of choices. Unfortunately, some case makers focus more on profit than value for the students and parents. Here are some of the things to watch out for.


No-Name Cases

In recent years, we’ve been seeing more and more cases with no brand names on them. They’re usually sold as simply a “carbon fiber violin case” or “fiberglass violin case”.

However, there’s a reason that these case makers or sellers do not want to put their names on them, they know it’ll hurt their brand reputation. Instead, it’s easier to sell a no-name case, collect several bad reviews, then remove the listing and add it again with no reviews (basically a fresh start). A devious strategy for these companies, but a poor and frustrating option for students and parents.


Cases Under $100

Cases under $100 are almost never made of protective materials. They may be using styrofoam, or thin pieces of wood glued together, then covered with some cheap fabric. However, these cases aren’t designed for protection. You knock it hard enough and it’ll break. Not to mention the cheap zippers or hinges that usually come with these cases.


Top Student Violin Cases

Gewa Bio Violin Cases

Price: $144-$154

Shape: oblong

Weight: 5.7 lb.

Size: 4/4 violin only

Unique features: cool exterior look, spacious interior, and optional sheet music pouch.

The German-engineered Gewa Bio violin cases are some of the best violin cases you’ll find for $150. Gewa is a very well known brand in the world of instrument protection. Theirprofessional Gewa Air violin cases are known for protecting some of the most valuable violins, including Stradivarius violins.

The Bio case is a protective case stripped of all it’s bells and whistles. Nothing fancy. But what you get is a simple, durable and protective case. The accessories pocket is also spacious enough for large shoulder rests, such as the Bon Musica.


Price: $212-$219

Shape: contoured

Weight: 3.6 lb.

Size: 4/4 violin only

Unique features: cool designs, incredibly light, and space for shoulder rest.

These are the lightest violin cases you’ll find under $250 (that still have decent protection). Making them very popular among students. Plus there are so many unique patterns and designs to choose from.

Some of the wider contoured cases also have space under the instrument for a shoulder rest. Which is quite rare for a shaped violin case.


Price: $238 - $297

Shape: contoured & oblong

Weight: 4-5.3 lb.

Size: ¾ & 4/4 violins

Unique features: adjustable for ¾ & 4/4 violins, scratch-resistant shells, incredible polycarbonate protection.

Polycarbonate has definitely been the rage of 2022. It’s a type of a plastic that is also used to make shatterproof glass. It’s affordable, scratch-resistant, and temperature-resistant! Making it a great material for violin cases.

This case is also adjustable for ¾ and 4/4 size violins. You just simply move the velcro padding that secures the neck of the violin. This is a great option for students playing ¾ size violins that’ll eventually be playing full size violins.

This is definitely the most protective ¾ violin case you’ll find.


Price: $260

Shape: oblong

Weight: 6.6 lb.

Size: 4/4 violin only

Unique features: travel cover included, several colors to choose, and removable accessories pouch.

These are some of the most protective fiberglass violin cases you’ll find around $260. Plus they come with washable travel covers that can protect the case from spills and scratches. There are several fun and bright colors to choose from.

And the accessories pouch is removable! So your student can take pencils, cleaning cloth, and rosin with him or her in the pouch. Less chance of forgetting the small things!


Price: $204

Shape: contoured

Weight: 5.5 lb.

Size: 4/4 violin only

Unique features: several colors to choose from.

These contoured fiberglass violin cases are simple and affordable cases. Not too much glamour or functionality. But perfect for students looking for something that’ll just get the job done.


Price: $296 - $329

Shape: contoured & oblong

Weight: 5-5.6 lb.

Size: ¾ & 4/4 violins

Unique features: adjustable for ¾ & 4/4 violins, and a ton of colors to choose from.

Tonareli makes the most colors when it comes to violin cases. Some feature really unique patterns too! All the fiberglass cases have adjustable velcro padding to accommodate ¾ & 4/4 size violins. And they all have removable accessories pouches as well.

Plus the Tonareli cases have a lot of D-rings on them. So you can attach your shoulder / backpack straps to the rings that’ll be the most comfortable to carry for you.


Bam Youngster 3/4 - 1/2 Violin Case

Price: $191

Shape: oblong

Weight: 6.1 lb.

Size: ¾ & 1/2 violins

Unique features: Beautiful vibrant colors to choose from!

These oblong violin cases are The newly redesigned by Bam for 3/4 or 1/2 violin. Its inside cradle made of injected high density polyurethane foam to protect the instrument against thermal shocks.

Its exterior is made of Cordura fabric which makes it water-resistant. It also has a padded, adjustable, and removable backpack straps .

These vibrant Youngsters will surely be loved by young musicians!


Finding Your Student Violin Case

To sum it all up, find a violin case that is decently light, protective, and durable. Check out all the cool colors that are available now. And be sure to avoid cheap and unbranded cases. Trust us, it’s really not worth the headache and frustration of a case that breaks within 6 months.

Also consider the long term investment. Some cases are designed to accommodate ¾ and full size violins. If you know your student will be switching from ¾ to full size in the future, get one protective case that’ll last decades rather than 2 cheap cases that’ll last a few years (or months).

We hope this article was helpful. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us! Our team here at Great Violin Cases is always ready and excited to help!

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