• Bobelock Violin Case Reviews

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    Bobelock Violin Case Reviews

    Bobelock Violin Cases

    Bobelock is a name that has been around since 1901. And the fact that most orchestral musicians still know and trust this name in 2022 says a lot of the Bobelock cases.

    Bobelock is the leading brand in making protective, durable, affordable best selling violin cases that students and professional musicians love.

    In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the best selling Bobelock violin cases, along with some video reviews.

    We’ll also be looking at the different types of Bobelock cases, and the unique features and benefits of each case.

    By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of which Bobelock case is right for you!

    Even though this article is primarily focused on violin cases, many of the features and benefits apply to the Bobelock viola and cello cases as well. Since they often use the same protective materials.

    What Are Bobelock Cases Made Of?

    There are 2 types of Bobelock cases: wooden and fiberglass.

    Bobelock Wooden Cases

    These cases are made of 5-layered plywood shells. The extra layers gives the case extra strength and protection.

    Wood is also a temperature-resistant material. It doesn’t absorb heat like metallic carbon fiber cases do.

    These wooden cases also feature water-resistant covers that are screwed into the cases.

    Bobelock Fiberglass Cases

    These cases are made of tough and durable fiberglass shells. Fiberglass is stronger and more protective than the wooden cases.

    They also come in an assortment of fun colors.

    Every fiberglass case comes with a travel cover as well. This cover protects your case from scratches and spills. And you can use the zippered pouches on the covers for sheet music.

    What Are The Interiors Made Of?

    Bobelock cases come in 2 interior options: velour or velvet.

    Velvet is a luxurious-feeling material that makes the interior of the case look elegant.

    Velour is a more affordable material that you’ll find in most of Bobelock’s student cases. This allows parents to get an affordable case without sacrificing protection.

    Both velvet and velour interiors come in several color options.

    Bobelock is also one of the only brands you’ll find with several interior colors besides black!

    What Is Suspension?

    Bobelock cases also come with or without suspension.

    Suspension is the extra padding that secures the most vulnerable parts of the instrument.

    Suspension also protects your instrument from banging against the case itself.

    For example, if you drop your case, the suspension padding will absorb the shock of the case hitting against the ground. So your instrument doesn’t knock against the inside of the case.

    How do you know if a case has suspension padding? Check out the photo below. You’ll see noticeable paddings within the case.

    Bobelock Suspension System

    Now that we have a basic understanding of the Bobelock cases, let’s take a look at some of the most popular Bobelock violin cases.

    Bobelock 1051 Corregidor Violin Case

    Bobelock 1051 violin cases
    • Material: wood
    • Shape: oblong
    • Suspension: yes
    • Material: velvet

    Unique features: the most spacious accessory pockets you’ll find in any violin case.

    This professional looking case features incredible protection and durability. What violinists love most about these cases is the spacious interior pockets. One of them can fit a large Bon Musica shoulder rest.

    The interior also looks incredibly luxurious. Which is why it’s so surprising to find this case at such an affordable price. Professional musicians have chosen this case over $600 violin cases!

    Check out all our Bobelock Corregidor violin cases.

    Bobelock Half Moon Fiberglass Violin Cases

    Bobelock half moon violin cases
    • Material: fiberglass
    • Shape: half moon
    • Suspension: yes
    • Material: velvet

    Unique features: beautiful half-moon shape, and several colors to choose.

    If you see a half moon violin case, it’s most likely a Bobelock fiberglass case. These cases have been extremely popular among students and professionals for their fun colors and outstanding protection.

    The interior is also very spacious. There’s a velcro strap under the neck of the instrument for a shoulder rest. So you have ample space in the lidded pocket for all your other accessories.

    As mentioned before, these cases also come with travel covers. Something you don’t find with most hardshell violin cases (or they’re usually sold separately).

    Check out all our Bobelock half moon fiberglass violin cases.

    Bobelock Oblong Fiberglass Violin Cases

    Bobelock fiberglass violin case
    • Material: fiberglass
    • Shape: oblong
    • Suspension: yes
    • Material: velvet

    Unique features: luxurious interior plus several colors to choose.

    Similar to the half moon case, this oblong case also offers incredible fiberglass protection and luxurious interiors with several colors to choose from.

    Violinists choose this case if they are looking for something more spacious. Since you’ll have a full-length travel cover that can fit more sheet music compared to the half moon cases.

    Check out the Bobelock oblong fiberglass violin cases.

    Bobelock Cello-Shaped Fiberglass Violin Cases

    Bobelock cello-shaped violin case
    • Material: fiberglass
    • Shape: contoured / cello-shaped
    • Suspension: yes
    • Material: velour

    Unique features: unique shape and affordable.

    This case is the simpler version of the fiberglass cases mentioned before. Instead of velvet, these cases have black velour interiors. And all the travel covers come in black.

    The simple features makes the case more affordable. But it still has the same protection and durability as the fiberglass cases mentioned above. And there are still several fun exterior colors to choose from.

    This protective, fun, and affordable case is a great option for students.

    Check out the Bobelock cello-shaped violin cases.


    Bobelock offers a range of options to fit your needs and budget. If you’re a professional looking for incredible protection, temperature resistance, and luxurious interiors, there’a a Bobelock case for you!

    If you’re a parent shopping for a student, and you’re looking for a protective, durable, and colorful case at an affordable price, there’a a Bobelock case for you as well!

    Be sure to check out the full collection of Bobelock violin cases. And if you have any questions, our team here at Great Violin Cases is ready to help!

    I feel confident that my new violin and bow are safe in this case.
    - Cathy K.

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