How to Attach Tonareli Violin Case Shoulder Straps

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The Tonareli shoulder straps are some of securest straps in the market today! it also comes at a great value! It actually features 2 safety features: a screw-in hook, and a screw-in safety wire. These features will definitely protect your case's straps from accidentally coming undone. You are going to discover how to attach the Tonareli violin case shoulder straps to protect your beloved instrument.

Tonareli shoulder strap safety wire


1. For the thin safety wire, turn the silver part counter-clockwise to open it:

Tonareli Safety wire unscrewed


2. Slide it through the D-ring on the case. Then turn the silver part clock-wise to lock the safety wire:

Tonareli safety wire and D ring


3. Take the hook, it's the one with the thicker cloth material around it. Same thing, turn the silver part counter-clock wise to unlock it, the silver ring should slide down:

Tonareli safety hook unscrewed


4. Push the silver latch down like this: 

Push down silver latch on safety hook


5. Now you can put this hook through the D-ring on the case: 

Safety hook and safety wire secured


6. Turn the silver part clockwise to secure it.


 Now both the safety wire and hook is secured. The safety wire is an extra precaution. With Tonareli's safety features, it's almost impossible for your strap to accidentally come undone!

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