• 6 Coolest and Best Violin Cases of 2023

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    There’s a lot of exciting things going on with the turn of a new decade.

    We’ve got a new rover headed for Mars, new electric trucks, an eclipse in South America, Playstation 5, and of course, the summer olympics in Tokyo.

    Now, we may not be thinking of any new innovations in our search which the best violin case to buy.

    But with the advancements in technology, violin cases have definitely been getting some new and improved features!

    For this article, we’re diving deep into 6 of the coolest violin cases, and the innovations behind them that has really pushed instrument protection to a whole new level.

    And if you want to know if any of these cases are right for you, reach out to us at anytime!

    Best for your Buck - Gewa Pure

    Gewa Pure violin cases

    Why we love it

    Best selling case on our site

    ✅ Sturdy & protective polycarbonate shells

    ✅ A simple, "gets the job done" case

    ✅ Scratch-resistant surface


    Price: starting at $238

    Weight: 4+ lb.

    Size: can fit 3/4 & 4/4 violins

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    • Movable neck cushion to fit 4/4 & 3/4 violins
    • Water-resistant seals
    • Comes with 2 backpack straps
    • Removable accessory pouch

    Gewa has been one of the top brands among orchestral musicians for decades.

    These German-engineered cases are known for their durability, protection, and craftsmanship.

    Gewa is actually most famous for their Gewa Air violin cases. Which are incredibly light and protective professional cases.

    However, Gewa wanted to create a more affordable option, which is why they developed the Gewa Pure violin cases.

    These cases are made of polycarbonate shells. Polycarbonate is one of the strongest plastics out there.

    Gewa Pure Violin Case Interior

    Now when we first saw this, we were thinking to ourselves, plastic… really?

    But after some research, we realized that polycarbonate is also used to make shatterproof glass!

    Polycarbonate is also more scratch-resistant compared to many hard cases out there.

    These Gewa Pure full-size violin cases come in two shapes: shaped and oblong.

    The shaped option is great for traveling musicians who are looking for light and compact cases.

    The oblong case is spacious and can fit large shoulder rests.

    We really like the backpack straps on this one too. It’s positioned right behind the zippered sheet music pouch. So it provides a good padding for your back as well.

    Lastly, the textured surface is absolutely beautiful!

    Trendy Violin Cases - Bam Ice Supreme

    Why we love it

    Unique exterior shape

    ✅ Signature protection and durability

    ✅ Water-resistant and weatherproof airtight seal

    ✅ Scratch-resistant surface


    Price: starting at $946

    Weight: 3.5+ lb.

    Size: 4/4 violins

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    • Anti-slip rubber patches on the bottom

    • Strap for a "Kun" style shoulder rest

    • Quality suspension system - protects against shocks and bumps

    • 2 anti-slip backpack straps with security hooks

    These are some of the most protective, durable, and stylish violin cases of 2023!

    The Supreme cases are also polycarbonate cases. But the manufacturing process of these cases make them stronger and more protective than the Gewa Pure violin cases.

    Because these cases are made of plastic, they’re much more temperature-resistant compared to metallic cases, such as carbon fiber.

    But they’re as sturdy and light as carbon fiber. They’re also scratch-resistant.

    Bam White Violin Case

    The shape of the case itself is very unique.

    The key locks are polycarbonate locks. They’re designed to be extremely durable. So you don’t have to worry about your latches wearing out over time.

    You also have the option to get the BAM insulated case covers, if you’re in real cold climates.

    Combining Style & Functionality - Pedi Niteflash

    Why we love it

    Only 3.3-5 lbs. (1.5-2.3 kg)

    ✅ High-pressure resistance / you can stand on the case

    ✅ 'Night Stripe' reflective strips

    ✅ Attached backpack straps / comfortable to carry


    Price: starting at $333

    Weight: 3.3+ lb.

    Size: 4/4 violins

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    • Water-resistant zippers and covers
    • Space for Kun-style shoulder rest
    • 2 padded backpack straps and padded music pouch
    • Protective suspension system

    These Pedi cases are one of the lightest cases of 2023. They’re made of reinforced aluminum alloy. And they come in 5 colors.

    They’re quite functional. They feature reflective strips along the edges of the case. So they can reflect car lights at night.

    The exterior canvas is water-resistant. Even the zipper tracks feature a layer of water-resistant covers. So you don’t have to worry about rainwater seeping in.

    These shaped cases are one of the very few violin cases out there that also has space for sheet music.

    And it has a quality suspension system. So if you drop the case, the suspension absorbs the shock, not your instrument!

    Beyond the Traditional - Tonaeli

    Why we love it

    2 shoulder straps with safety wires

    ✅ Removable accessory pouch

    ✅ Beautiful exterior fiberglass shell

    ✅ Weather resistant seal


    Price: starting at $349

    Weight: 5.6 lb.

    Size: can fit 3/4 & 4/4 violins

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    • Movable bottom cushion to fit 4/4 & 3/4 violins
    • Suspension system
    • Padded handle for extra comfort
    • Instrument blanket

    Tonareli has been making cool and colorful fiberglass violin cases for years.

    They’re the most popular violin cases among students.

    However, Tonareli wanted to make an even stronger case with its popular cello-shaped violin case exterior design.

    And they’ve done just that with the Tonareli titanium violin case! The shell is actually made of 4 different materials.

    The seal on this case is airtight. Which makes it more weather-resistant.

    The interior features a removable accessories pouch.

    It’s also adjustable to fit ¾ size violins and 4/4 size violins.

    And you have the option to get the insulated case covers as well for cold weathers.

    Preserving Elegance - BAM Peak Performance

    Why we love it

    Water-resistant and tough exterior fabric

    ✅ Signature protection and durability

    Very functional & Shock Resistant

    ✅ Large compartment for sheet music


    Price: starting at $289

    Weight: 7+ lb.

    Size: 1/2 - 4/4 violins

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    • Padded backpack straps with ergonomic back cushion
    • Space for shoulder rest
    • Spacious pocket for accessories
    • Bam water bottle included as free gift!

    This is for violinists who need a case that can meet airline carry-on regulations.

    The bow itself does exceed the longest length of carry-on regulations, that is why it can be placed in the bow tube.

    So that the bow tube can be checked in, and not the instrument.

    Bam Peak Performance Details

    And the ergonomically-designed backsides of these cases feature attached backpack straps. So you can carry these backpack violin cases with more comfort.

    These Peak Performance cases are definitely designed for adventurous violinists on-the-go!


    Shielding Treasures - Bobelock 1047

    Why we love it

    Travel cover included

    ✅ Tough and sturdy fiberglass shells

    ✅ Beautiful velvet interior and instrument blanket

    ✅ Hygrometer and Humistat


    Price: starting at $293

    Weight: 9 lb.

    Size: 4/4 violin

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    • Velcro strap under neck of violin for shoulder rest
    • Padded suspension system
    • Spacious accessory pocket
    • 2 bow holders & 1 shoulder strap

    Meet your perfect musical partner—the Bobelock Fiberglass 1047 Violin Case. With its sleek design and superior protection, this case is a must-have for any violinist.

    Crafted from lightweight fiberglass, it's easy to carry and showcases a modern aesthetic. Inside, your violin is cradled in plush velvet and a suspension system, keeping it safe from bumps and shocks.

    Storage is a breeze with ample space for all your accessories, while the secure latching system and comfortable handle make transportation a breeze.

    Elevate your musical journey with the Bobelock Fiberglass 1047 Violin Case—a stylish and reliable choice that keeps your instrument safe and ready to play.

    Violinists choose these cases because they’re simple, stylish, durable, and affordable!

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