• Top Reasons To Choose A Tonareli Violin Case

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    Tonareli manufactures both stringed instruments and cases. They're most well known for their colorful fiberglass violin cases. You won't find any other brand with more color options than Tonareli!

    They're also the first to introduce the cello-shaped violin cases. Which is now a very popular case you see at most youth orchestras.

    Even though Tonareli has a few wooden case options as well, we'll mainly be exploring their most popular fiberglass violin cases in this article. And some of the newest updates to these cases you should know about.

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    Shaped & Oblong

    The Tonareli fiberglass cases come in two options, shaped and oblong.

    Shaped cases - compact violin cases great for travel. They're light on the shoulders and easy to carry around. However, they don't have space for sheet music, and they can only fit Kun style shoulder rests.

    Oblong cases - spacious cases. They work better with the sheet music pouch add-on. The interior features a velcro strap for shoulder rests of various sizes. And the accessory pouch is much larger too. It can fit pencils, strings, metronomes, etc.

    Fiberglass Protection

    Fiberglass is a great material when it comes to protection. It's a commonly used material in automobiles, boats, swimming pools, water tanks, etc. It's also stronger than many metals by weight, which is an important factor in choosing a light violin case.

    When it comes to protecting a violin, fiberglass offers the essential needs of a great violin case: strength, durability, lightness, and temperature-resistance.

    Now we're NOT saying these cases are as protective as some of the world famous Gewa Air and Bam Hightech violin cases, but they're definitely good enough for day-to-day use and protection.

    Which is why they're incredibly popular among students. Funny enough, schools can be more treacherous than professional environments. Which is why students need protective and durable cases as much as professionals do (without breaking the bank).

    To learn more about fiberglass cases, check out our article on the Top 4 Reasons To Get A Fiberglass Case.

    Adjustable & Functional

    A new 2020 update to the Tonareli fiberglass cases! They now feature adjustable neck straps. You can now move these padded cushions to accommodate ¾, ⅞, and full size violins.

    This is a great feature for students transitioning from ¾ to 4/4 size violins. Since it's almost impossible to find a good fiberglass ¾ violin case! From a manufacturer's perspective, ¾ violins aren't usually that expensive. The cost of the case is often higher than the ¾ size violin itself.

    Plus students only play ¾ size violins for a few years. Why invest in a case that'll last you for decades if you'll be outgrowing the violin in just a few short years!

    With the adjustable neck cushions, you get the most "bang for your buck". One great case to protect 2 violins over the years.

    Another great feature is the removable accessory pouches. Available in both the contoured and oblong models. You can put all your accessories together in one pouch and bring it with you to your music stand. Rather than running back and forth between your stand and your case because you forgot your pencil, rosin, cleaning cloth, etc.


    Tonareli's fiberglass shells are extremely water-resistant. They do not soak up water like fabric and cheap wooden cases do. And they're more resistant to temperatures compared to metallic cases.

    Remember, fiberglass is often used to make bath tubs as well. Would you want to take a hot bath in a fiberglass tub or metallic tub!

    Lots Of Colors To Choose

    What really makes the Tonareli violin cases popular among students and professionals alike is the large selection of colors and patterns to choose from!

    This is something unique to fiberglass cases. You usually won't find as many styles and colors with wooden, fabric, and carbon fiber cases.

    We've also found that students are more motivated and passionate about music when the color of their case reflects their personality. It makes the learning experience more personal.

    Plus it makes a great gift for violinists!


    Tonareli cases are considered relatively new to the world of instrument protection, but they've made a name for themselves very quickly. And for good reasons!

    Their fiberglass cases are protective, durable, light, and temperature-resistant. They're quite functional with their removable accessory pouches.

    And these cases can accommodate both ¾ and full size violins with their movable neck cushions.

    Plus there are so many colors and styles to choose from, it really separates the case from the sea of black cases.

    Tonareli cases sell like hot cakes around Christmas! As you guessed, they make great gifts for violinists.

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