The Bobelock Fiberglass Colors

The Bobelock Fiberglass Suspension Violin Cases are available in the following colors:

(The black/zebra combination is only available for Bobelock half moon fiberglass violin cases).

The exterior and interior colors of the Bobelock Fiberglass Suspension Violin Cases are the same across the different shapes. The images below show the actual colors of each color combination. Check out this article for more info the top reasons to get a fiberglass case.

Pink / Gray

Purple / Gray

Orange / Blue

Black / Wine

Green / Tan

Red / Gray

Ivory / Blue

Yellow / Blue

Blue / Gray

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Bobelock 1060

Bobelock 1060 fiberglass oblong violin cases

Bobelock 1047

Bobelock 1047 fiberglass half moon violin cases

Bobelock 1007

Bobelock 1007 fiberglass contoured violin cases

Bobelock 1027

Bobelock 1027 fiberglass arrow violin cases