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The Difference Between the Bam Violin Cases

Almost all professional musicians in the world have heard of Bam. If you play in a professional orchestra, there’s a very good chance that several other musicians have a Bam case to protect their beloved instruments. What’s more surprising is that Bam has only been around for about thirty years. This is quite short compared to other reputable brands out there. But for the past three decades, Bam has continuously proven its ability to make some of the best cases. Allowing Bam to build its reputation very quickly in the world of instrument protection.

Bam has several collections of stylish, protective, and durable cases. In this article, we will go over some of the differences between the Bam classic cases.

Bam violin cases can be split into two major categories: Bam “classic” cases, and Bam “Hightech” cases. Bam classic cases are under $500, whereas Bam Hightech cases are over $500. In this article, we will only be focusing on the Bam classic cases. You can learn more about the Bam Hightech cases by checking out our other article: The Difference Between the Bam Hightech Violin Cases.

The Bam classic cases are famous for their patented interior padding and protection. Bam’s patented foam technique absorbs damages and shocks. So if you accidentally drop your case, the instrument doesn’t hit itself against the interior structure of the case. Violinists have always complimented the quality and feel of Bam’s unique interior padding.

The Different Shapes

The Bam classic violin cases come in two shapes, contoured and oblong.

1. Bam Classic Contoured Cases

These contoured cases are compact, durable, and protective. They’re also referred as the Bam Classic 3 cases. They all come with 2 padded backpack straps, side handle, and subway handle. And they’re one of the very few contoured violin cases out there with space for sheet music. The backside of the case can unzipped and expanded to fit sheet music. The exterior Cordura fabrics are water and tear resistant. These contoured cases also feature a small zippered pocket on the front for shoulder rests. The only downside is that this pocket can only fit a Kun style shoulder rest. It will not fit large shoulder rests, like a Bon Musica shoulder rest.

2. Bam Classic Oblong Cases

These oblong cases are spacious, durable, and protective. All of the Bam classic oblong violin cases can fit 2 bow holders (except the Artisto, which can fit 4). Most of them also feature luggage-style locks to secure the zippers, removable accessory pockets, compartments above the scroll of the violin for shoulder rests, subway handles, side handles, and zippered sheet music pockets on the backside of the cases. The only exceptions are the Bam Performances cases, which will be explained in greater detail at the end of this article.

These oblong cases are quite unique in the fact that they do not have lids above the compartments for accessories and shoulder rests like most cases do. This is a great feature since the lids of these compartments are usually the first to show wear and tear, and become more difficult to open or close over time. With the Bam oblong cases, the top of the case serves as the lid for these open compartments. So when the case is closed, the compartment is completely sealed.

The Different Collections

Bam has several styles of cases, also known as collections. Every collection is relatively the same in terms of durability and protection. And each collection has its own unique feature or design. Understanding their key features will help you decide which collection is most suitable to your needs.


The stylus cases are known for their durability and protection. They come in 3 color options: red, gray, and black. They only come in oblong shapes, and weigh about 6.4 lbs. They feature luggage-style locks that can secure the zippers, and they have a zippered pocket on the backside for sheet music.

Saint Germain

The Saint Germain cases are also the best selling Bam classic violin cases we have. Musicians love the traditional-look of the exterior stripes. To answer a common question, the Bam Saint Germain cases are the same exact cases as the Stylus cases. The only difference is the exterior design. That’s why the Saint Germain cases are also referred to as the Saint Germain Stylus cases. These cases are available in both oblong and contoured shapes.

Signature and Katyushka

These beautiful cases were just released in 2017. Like the Saint Germain cases, these are also Stylus cases with different exterior designs. The front pockets of these cases are made of real leather.

The Signature cases feature a unique woven pattern, whereas the Katyushka cases feature Eastern-inspired designs.


The original Bam violin cases. These Classic cases are simple, protective, and durable. However, they do not have removable accessory pouches, or sheet music pouches on the backside. They do have space for sheet music on the front side, which is a little smaller than the pockets you would find on the Stylus cases. However, if you’re a musician who likes to keep things simple, then these are the right cases for you.


The Artisto cases are elegant and professional looking cases. They also feature 4 bow holders. These cases are quite different from the Stylus and Classic cases in terms of exterior protection. They don’t have ABS reinforcement shells along the exterior. Instead, they feature PVC fabric, which is a kind of hard fabric. This means the cases are not as rigid as the hard Stylus and Classic cases. We would not suggest sitting on these Artisto cases. But they feature the same signature foam technology that’ll protect your instrument from shocks. And they have great insulation properties.


The performance cases are soft violin cases. But they’re also the “hardest” soft cases you will find. Since they feature the same foam core protection as the other Bam classic violin cases. The performance cases only weigh 4.8 lbs. Many professional musicians absolutely love the performance cases as their alternate violin cases. So they can bring something lighter with them between everyday rehearsals. The performance cases feature spacious pockets on the front of the case. And they’re very breathable, which is great for insulation.

All in all, the Bam classic violin cases are durable, protective, and stylish cases. They’re are also the same cases that have given Bam it’s world-renowned reputation. If you’re looking for a hard case that is even more protective, and durable, and light, check out the Reasons To Get Bam Hightech cases.

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