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Top 5 Lightest Violin Cases

When it comes to picking the right violin case, weight is one of the most important factors. It’s as important as protection and durability. Violinists can often experience back pain from practicing long periods at a time. And lugging a heavy violin case between rehearsals doesn’t help either. Especially among young students.

So we have put together a short little list of some of the lightest violin cases out there. The price can range quite a bit, depending on the case’s durability and protection. And the budget really depends on the violinist, and the value of the instrument. A professional violinist with a $20,000 violin would probably get a case that is light, protective, and durable. Whereas a young student could go for a more affordable violin case that is also light, but perhaps not as durable or protective as some of the high-end cases out there. Now let’s take a look at some of these cases.

Bam Hightech Violin Case

Weight: around 3.5 lbs for contoured cases, 4.8 lbs for oblong cases. Top reasons to get these cases: light, durable, protective, stylish, and resistant to temperature changes.

Bam Hightech cases have been one of the preferred choices among professional musicians around the world for decades. And for good reason too. Handmade in France, these cases feature a unique patented exterior shell, and foam core. Which is why these cases are more resistant to temperature changes. The foam core can slow down heat penetration better than a carbon fiber case. And for really cold weathers, Bam also offers the option of case covers, which provide extra insulation against the cold.

To learn more about the Bam Hightech cases, check out this article on thetop 5 reasons to get a Bam Hightech case.

Gewa Air Violin Cases

Weight: around 3.5 lbs for contoured cases, 4.4 lbs for oblong cases. Top reasons to get these cases: light, durable, protective, simple, and comes with sheet music pouch (oblong cases).

These are German-engineered cases. And as the name suggests, the Gewa Air cases are designed to be “light as air”. The exterior shells are made with thermoplastic materials. Which makes them very durable and protective. They’re not as stylish as the Bam cases, but they have several color options to choose from. And the oblong cases do come with sheet music pouches. Whereas the Bam Hightech oblong case sheet music pouch is sold separately. The Gewa air cases aren’t as resistant to temperature changes as Bam Hightech cases, but they’re definitely protective enough under most inclement weather.

Musilia Violin Cases

Weight: 3.9 to 4.4 lbs. Oblong cases only. Top reasons to get these cases: light, durable, protective, simple, and comes with sheet music pouch.

Even though Musilia has been around for quite awhile, it’s fairly new in the world of violin cases. Musilia has an impeccable reputation among cellists. They’re known for making some of the most protective, durable, and lightest cello cases. To give you an idea, their cello cases range between 5.5 and 7.9 lbs. That’s lighter than most standard violin cases. So it comes as no surprise that they make some of the lightest violin cases also. Musilia violin cases offer 2 models: P1, and P2. P1 cases are made of carbon-hybrid shells, whereas P2 cases are made of 100% carbon shells. The P2 cases are also the lightest oblong violin cases out there. Another unique feature is that they offer cases with “world map” interior options as well. Making the interior more stylish than most other cases.

Jakob Winter Violin Cases

Weight: around 3.6 lbs. Top reasons to get these cases: light, affordable, durable, stylish, and compact.

The Jakob Winter cases are great student cases. They’re extremely light, especially for their price (starting at $189). These cases are are made of natural fibers, and 100% cotton velvet interior padding. These materials also make the cases quite durable. However, they’re definitely not as protective as the other cases mentioned above. And they’re not the best against inclement weather. They are still water-repellent, which is important during rainy seasons. They’re also very compact, which saves a lot of space. But if you have a Bon Musica, Wolf, or any other wider shoulder rests, this case may be too compact. Overall, students love these cases, and they're incredibly affordable too.

Lightest Wooden Cases

Weight: 6.06 lbs to 6.4 lbs. Top reasons to get these cases: protective, durable, traditional, spacious sheet music pouches, and weather-resistant.

It’s definitely worth mentioning some of these wooden cases. Especially since wooden cases are still the best against inclement weather. Wood doesn’t absorb heat like carbon fiber or fiberglass does. It’s also better against humidity. They’re not as light as the Hightech or carbon fiber cases though. But many professional violinists still prefer the traditional wooden cases. Such as the Negri cases. Praised by many master violinists, including the great Maxim Vengerov, these cases show exceptional craftsmanship and quality. And they also have large pockets for sheet music. Another great option are the Jakob Winter wooden cases. They’re also your traditional-looking wooden cases, but crafted with great care and quality.

There are a lot of light and affordable cases out there. But we have found that light cases can be either sturdy, or flimsy. And most lightweight cases under $150 are made of flimsy materials to achieve a lighter weight. They also try to save weight on the hardware too. So instead of using quality locks or latches, they might use cheaper plastic latches to lower the weight of the case. And as we have found, a case is only as durable as it’s hardware. One of the worst and most common issues we see is a case with cheap zippers or latches that break easily, rendering the case useless. So it’s still important to find a lightweight case that is also sturdy, and made of quality materials. Violinists will save more time, money, and hassle in the long run.

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