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50% of cases in America is out of stock due to COVID, shipping delays and all that jazz. 😱

To make it easier on you, we've updated the list of our TOP-SELLING CASES THAT ARE IN STOCK  and ready to ship!

Top Violin Cases

Bobelock 1062


Jakob Winter Techleather


Bobelock 1007


Pedi Niteflash


Bam Hightech Contoured


Gewa Air 1.7


Gewa Strato


Bam Panther


Top Viola Cases

Bobelock 2048


Bobelock 2001


Gewa Maestro


Jakob Winter Greenline Oblong


Bam Stylus


Pedi Niteflash


Tonareli Fiberglass


Bam Hightech Compact


Top Cello Cases

Gewa Idea Futura


Howard Core CC4100


Bobelock 2000


Tonareli Polycarbonate


Bam Supreme Hightech


Gewa Idea Futura X-lite


Gewa Idea Vario Plus


Gewa Idea Carbon Fiber



Save On The Hottest Accessories

Pedi Magic Dehumidifier For Music Instruments

Sold out

Boveda Humidity Control Starter Kit Small

Sold out

Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin

Sold out

Bam Thai Silk Bag with Lace for Violin

Sold out

KNA VV-3 Violin/Viola Pickup

Sold out

Shop Electric Violins

Glasser Acoustic Electric Violin

Sold out

Gewa Novita Electric Violin

Sold out
Sold out