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Which Violin Case Should I Buy?

The Quick and Easy Guide to Buying a Violin Case

The ideal violin case should be light, protective, and durable. Then comes your own personal preference, such as color, shape, number of music pockets, etc. 

Usually the lighter and more protective the case is, the more it'll cost. So you want to make sure you find a case that is ideal for you. A professional violinist will have very different needs compared to a student violinist.

Below you will see an interactive guide of our most popular brands. Here you will see what each brand is known for, and what their weaknesses may be. Then you can decide which brand is most suitable to your needs!

Howard Core Violin Cases

  • Suitable for: Students
  • General Price Range: $175 - $239
  • Weight: 5.5 - 7 lbs.
  • Styles: Fiberglass, Traditional
  • Protection: 5/10 Durability: 4/10

Affordable cases suitable for students. Many Howard Core cases feature locks. These cases usually start to show "wear and tear" after 2 years.

Most Popular Howard Core Violin Cases:

Howard Core Scratch Resistant Violin Cases

Howard Core CC450 violin case

  • Suitable for: Students
  • Price: $239
  • Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Style: Scratch resistant exterior finish
  • Protection: 5/10 Durability: 6/10

Scratch Resistant case with number locks. Available in charcoal black, blue, silver, and red. Also features attachable music pouch.

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