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Why Choose a Fiberglass Case?

Even though the violin/viola hasn’t changed much for the past few centuries, the instrument case, however, has evolved immensely over time. The ideal case is tough, light, and weather-resistant. With modern technology, achieving all three crucial aspects have been made possible with the use of fiberglass.

Fiberglass is a thermal insulation material. It is reinforced plastic, where the reinforcement fiber is glass fiber. This material is often used with aircrafts, boats, bath tubs, hot tubs, surfboards, swimming pools, etc. It was actually discovered back in the 1930s, and first used in civilian application for building boats and bodies of sports cars. Weaving fiberglass was later introduced to make the material even stronger. Because of it’s lightweight, it’s also used in many protective gears, such as helmets.


The violin/viola is a very elegant and fragile instrument. Even though the chance of having your instrument run over by a car is quite slim, weather damage can be just as destructive to the instrument. Too much humidity can warp the wood, changing the overall tone of the instrument; this is the real culprit that every string musician has to watch out for. So having a case that is light, strong, and weather-resistant is ideal.

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