NS Design CR 5-String Fretted Electric Violin Amber

NS Design CR 5-String Electric Violin With Frets

The NS Design CR electric violins are probably the most advanced electric violins in the market today! The Polar ™ pickup system is designed to meet the highest demands of violinists across different genres.

What separates this electric violin from all the other violins is the dual mode preamp. Which allows you to select between a modern "electric" violin sound, or traditional "acoustic" sound. By separating these two options, you get a more enhanced, rich tonal sound for each sound. This way, you get the absolute best of both worlds, rather than the "good enough" of both worlds, which is the result of most electric violins that do not have this dual mode option.

The instrument itself is designed with exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. Violinists that have been classically trained will have no problem getting used to playing these CR electric violins. There's even a black reference bout on the treble side of the instrument for violinists used to touching the body of their instrument for finger position reference.

The NS Design CR model is also the most advanced electric violin model compared to the NXTa and WAV models. The CR model features 3 knobs for volume, treble EQ, and bass EQ. The Polar ™ pickup also features 3 toggle options for more "electric" or "acoustic" sounds.

About NS Design

NS Design is basically the "Tesla" of the electric violin world. Each instrument features several groundbreaking and innovative designs that keeps the entire industry on its feet. And the CR violin is the most advanced NS Design violin.


“I’ve played on a variety of different electric violins but my NS was the first that just sounded fantastic right out of the case.” - Pascal Roggen

Top Reasons To Choose This Violin

✔️ Polar ™ pickup system - The most advanced violin pickup there is

✔️ Fretted fingerboard - Great for beginner violinists or musicians used to fretted instruments

✔️ Dual mode preamp - Switch between more enhanced "electronic" and "acoustic" tones

✔️ Adjustable bridge - To accommodate different playing styles

✔️ Self-clamping tuners - For smooth and accurate tuning

✔️ Custom shoulder rest - Adjust the padded base to your shoulder for a secure and comfortable fit

✔️ Volume & EQ knobs - Adjust volume, treble EQ, and bass EQ directly on the violin

Polar ™ Pickup System

The most advanced violin pickup there is. The Polar ™ pickup system is what separates the ND Design violins from all the other electric violins out there. It is designed to capture every nuance and bowed response to create brilliant tones and sonics to your amplifier or speaker system.

The CR model Polar ™ pickup features 3 toggle options:

  1. Vertical string vibration pickup for sustained plucks
  2. Lateral string vibration for full frequency arco
  3. Lateral string vibration for "acoustic" timbre arco

The Dual Mode Preamp

The dual mode preamp of the CR electric violin allows you to switch between 2 tonal qualities. A modern and rich "electric" violin sound, or traditional "acoustic" sound. Both options are available through a 3-way toggle switch on the instrument (next to the 3 knobs).

Volume & EQ Knobs

NS Design CR violin control knobs

The CR electric violin features 3 knobs along the side of the instrument. Volume control, treble EQ, and bass EQ. Perfect for violinists that want to adjust their treble and bass tones on the spot to blend better with other instruments.

Precision Tuning

NS Design self clamping tuners

The tuning system is light years ahead of traditional tuning pegs. It grips the strings more tightly so they do not go out of tune as frequent as traditional acoustic violins. Plus the micro-tuning knobs make tuning very smooth and precise.

Adjustable Bridge

NS Design Adjustable 5-string bridge

The adjustable bridge allows violinists to explore playing styles of different genres. Adjust it higher for a more traditional violin feel. Or adjust it lower for fast performance like an electric guitar.

Custom Shoulder Rest

NS Design custom shoulder rest for violin

The shoulder rest allows you to shape and adjust the padded base to your shoulder and chest for a more secure and comfortable fit.


  • 5-string electric violins
  • Fretted fingerboard
  • Dual mode preamp
  • Rotary for volume, treble EQ, and bass EQ
  • Adjustable height bridge
  • Patented self-clamping tuning system
  • Custom shoulder rest
  • 1/8" headphone jack for silent practice and self-monitoring (in addition to 1/4" output)
  • D’Addario™ NS electric violin strings (compatible with any solid and stranded core violin strings)


Weight: 720 grams

  • Straight grain quarter-sawn solid European maple body and neck, with a flame maple face.
  • Traditional amber stain with polymer top coat finish
  • Ebony fingerboard and chin rest
  • Scale Length: 330 MM (13″)
  • Length: 540 MM (21.25″); Width: 110 MM (4 5/16″); Thickness: 65 MM (2 9/16″)


NS Design CR Violin Manual