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3233XL T

Bam Hightech Adjustable Bassoon Case Tweed

Tweed Bam Hightech Adjustable Bassoon Case

Adjustable for Fagott & French Bassoon.

The Bam Hightech cases have been one of the most popular cases in the world! They feature Bam's signature Hightech shells and injected high density foam interiors. This technology makes the case as strong as carbon fiber, but does not heat up as quick as carbon fiber; making the cases more temperature resistant, and incredibly light!

This adjustable case features removable foam wedges that provide a great fit for your instrument. And the backside of the case features padded sheet music pockets, which provide more comfort when carrying the case like a backpack. Every detail of this case portrays Bam's incredible workmanship.

About Bam

Bam France has been a leader in instrument protection for decades. Their cases have protected some of the most valuable instruments around the world. They’re popular among musicians, museums, and auction houses. Bam cases are known for their durability, protection, and lightweight. They’re also the most stylish instrument cases you will find!

Weight: 3.3 kg (7.3 lbs.)