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Bam Katyushka Soprano Sax Case Black

Black Bam Katyushka Alto Sax Case

Molded on Serie II Selmer Soprano Saxophone.

The Bam Katyushka cases are probably some of the most unique and stylish saxophone cases you will find. The eastern-inspired embroidery is very beautiful. And the case is actually stronger than the classic Bam saxophone cases because of the thicker exterior Cordura fabric, which makes the case more tear-resistant and water-resistant.

It also features Bam's signature foam core. This foam protects the instrument from harmful temperatures because it doesn't absorb heat. On top of that, the foam also serves as a great suspension system. Which means if you drop the case, the foam will absorb the shock instead of your instrument.

About Bam

Bam has grown in popularity in the world of instrument protection very rapidly in the past few decades. And it's no surprise! They make some of the most protective, durable, and stylish saxophone cases you can find.

Weight: 2.1 kg (4.6 lb.)