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Bam Panther Hightech 000 Guitar Case Grey

Grey Bam Panther Hightech 000 Guitar Case

The Bam Hightech cases have been a popular option among professional musicians around the world. Protecting some of the most valuable instruments.

The exterior features a scratch-resistant and anti-slip rubber layer. Similar to the surface of a dodgeball. The shell is made of Bam's signature Hightech material, which is a triple-ply structure that is as strong as carbon fiber, but doesn't heat up as quick as carbon fiber; making the case itself more temperature resistant.

It's also a very stylish and elegant looking guitar case!

About Bam

Bam France is considered a relatively new brand when it comes to instrument protection, but they have made a name for themselves very quickly by handcrafting some of the lightest, most protective, and durable cases in the world. Bam has protected some of the most prized instruments for musicians, museums, and auction houses. And the cases are very stylish too!

Weight: 3 kg (6.6 lb.)