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Bobelock 2000 Cheetah Fiberglass Cello Case

Bobelock Cheetah Fiberglass Cello Case

The Bobelock 2000 cello cases are one of the most popular fiberglass cello cases we have! They come in several beautiful colors. Bobelock fiberglass cases are known for their incredible protection and durability. Meaning these cases can take a beating!

The interior features a suspension system that keeps your cello from knocking against the case itself. So if you drop it, the case will absorb the shock, not your cello.

These cases are also one of the few fiberglass cases that come in several interior color options.

The cases have several handles. 2 on the shoulders of the case, one on the side, and another pull handle on the back of the head. This makes the case very convenient to transport and carry.

This case comes in 3 size options:

  • - 3/4 size - fits up to 16” lower bout
  • - Full size - fits up to 17" lower bout
  • - Extra large size - fits up to 18" lower bout

"I love my case! I have been playing cello for 16 years and it has been time to buy a new case. I love this one. My cello fits well. The quality of the materials is superior. The shipping was quick. I have ordered on Wednesday and my case arrived on Friday! I would highly recommend it."

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Bobelock 2000

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