Boveda Humidity Control Starter Kit Large

Boveda Humidity Control Kit Large

For large instruments like guitars & cellos.

Storing your wooden instrument in a stable environment is just as important as protecting it with a decent case. The wood of your instrument is very delicate. And humidity swings can cause permanent damage.

What Is Boveda?

Boveda is pure water and natural salts sealed inside a leak-proof membrane. Boveda adds and absorbs water vapor slowly and precisely to achieve and maintain an RH level between 40% – 60% in your instrument’s closed case.

Boveda Protects Your Instrument Against:

  • ✔️ Cracking
  • ✔️ Warping
  • ✔️ Sagging
  • ✔️ Glue Damage

Super Easy Setup

Boveda works automatically, so there's nothing else to add. No more adding water to sponges, hoses, or discs. This also means no more risk of moisture puddling inside your instrument.

Watch The Boveda Video

All New Two-Way Humidification Process

Boveda eliminates the hassle (and danger) of one-way humidification methods. These methods spike humidity when you add water, and take a nosedive as the water evaporates. These humidity swings can be more dangerous for your instrument.

When To Replace Your Boveda?

Boveda will solidify as they expire. When there aren’t many soft spots left, then you’ll want to replace them. Pronounced crystallization and hardening of the corners first is completely normal and a part of the usage process.

Recommended Usage

Acoustic Guitars

  • - Packets recommended: 2-4 packs
  • - Average months of use: 3+

Cello & Bass

  • - Packets recommended: 2-4 packs
  • - Average months of use: 3+