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Gator Titan Strat/Tele Guitar Case

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Gator Titan Strat/Tele Guitar Case with Wheels - Black

The Gator Titan series is one of the best guitar cases to provide safety, ultimate hard case protection and convenience of a real road case, making it the best solution for gigging guitarists.The Gator Titan Series guitar case is built with Gator UltraGuard™ Technology designed to fit your Strat or Tele guitar. The case is waterproof, and its built-in pressure release valve controls the air pressure. The shell is constructed on a military-grade NK-7 Resin making them incredibly impact resistant. The interior is lined with plush, blue crushed velvet over thick padding with storage compartments for straps, strings, picks, tuners and more. The case also features built-in wheels. This Gator Titan case is sure to provide maximum protection for your instrument.

Gator guitar cases are proven to guard and give premium protection to your instrument. They're known to be protective, durable and indestructible. Gator has been around for quite some time and has been delivering transport and storage solutions for musicians and roadies alike. It is a multi-awarded brand that is continuously innovating and expanding.

Top Reasons To Get This Case

✔ Water and Dust Proof
✔ Impact-resistant
✔ With wheels
✔ Military spec


✔ Strat/Tele guitar case
✔ Fits both left and right-handed style
✔ Water and dust proof with IP 67 certification
✔ Impact proof lightweight NK-7" resin
✔ Soft grip comfort handle
✔ Mil-STD-810f immersion test certified
✔ ATA-300 certification
✔ Easy release powerclaw" latching system
✔ Pad-lockable
✔ Built-in wheels and tow handle

Built-in wheels

This Gator case features a tow handle and built-in wheels (with stainless ball bearings) that allows you to transport your case around easily.

Gator Recessed Wheels

Gator Cases Are Made In the USA

USA Flag

Gator Guitar Cases are designed and made in the USA


Weight: 19 lbs.

Exterior Dimensions

  • Exterior Length: 47.1"
  • Body Length: 17.3"
  • Exterior Height: 7.6"

    Interior Dimensions

    • Body Length: 18.5"
    • Body Height: 2.5"
    • Lower Bout Width: 13.25"
    • Middle Bout Width: 9.5"
    • Upper Bout Width: 11.5"
    • Overall Length: 40"

    This Gator guitar case can fit the following guitars:


    🗸 RG120
    🗸 RG1570
    🗸 RG2EX1
    🗸 RG350DX
    🗸 RG350MGX
    🗸 RG370DXGP
    🗸 RG3EXQM1
    🗸 RG450DXBK
    🗸 RG450DXBWH
    🗸 RG450MJSG
    🗸 RG450MMG
    🗸 RG470FMTGB
    🗸 RG4EXQM1
    🗸 RG7321
    🗸 RG7321
    🗸 RG7420BK
    🗸 RG7420WH
    🗸 RG7421BK
    🗸 RG7421WH
    🗸 RG8
    🗸 RG927QMFRDT
    🗸 RG950QMBI
    🗸 RG950QMRDT
    🗸 RGA7
    🗸 RGA8
    🗸 RGIR27EBK
    🗸 RGIR27FEBK
    🗸 S520EX
    🗸 S571DXQMTGB
    🗸 S571DXQMTRB


    🗸 SL1 USA Soloist


    🗸 Vintage Hod Rod '52 Telecaster
    🗸 Vintage Modified 70's Stratocaster
    🗸 Vintage Modified Jazzmaster Special
    🗸 Vintage Modified Stratocaster
    🗸 Vintage Modified Stratocaster HSS


    🗸 SE Custom 24 Royal Blue
    🗸 SE Custom 24 Tobacco Sunburst
    🗸 SE Dave Navarro Jet White
    🗸 SE Mike Mushok Baritone Brown Burst
    🗸 SE Mike Mushok Baritone Silver Burst
    🗸 SE Paul Allender Purple Burst
    🗸 SE Santana Santana Yellow
    🗸 SE Santana Tri-Color Sunburst
    🗸 SE Special Stratocaster


    🗸 OMEN-07
    🗸 OMEN-08

    Floyd Rose

    🗸 Deluxe Series Nashville Telecaster
    🗸 Discovery Series DST-3


    🗸 DK2G Dinky
    🗸 DKMG Dinky


    🗸 Eddie Van Halen
    🗸 Frankenstein Replica


    🗸 ESP double cut


    🗸 Viper 256 AVC
    🗸 Viper-50 BCH
    🗸 Viper-50 BLK
    🗸 Viper-50 SSB


    🗸 SE Torero Scarlet Red

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