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Gewa Air 2.1 Brown Oblong Violin Case

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Unique Matte Exterior German Violin Case

 The Gewa matte violin case is perfect for violinists that want a case that is unique without drawing too much attention. Most hard violin cases you find feature glossy finishes layered on solid shells. 

The matte violin case does not have this extra layer of glossy finish. So it's not as shiny. And it also makes the case more scratch-resistant. Since for most hard cases, it's the glossy layer that gets scratched. There's also a slight texture to the matte case, almost like black leather.

The Gewa Air case is also very light, protective, and durable. It's more affordable than carbon fiber cases, and it's more temperature-resistant too! Which is why many professional violinists have chosen these cases over more expensive carbon fiber cases.

The locks are also sturdy and easy to use combination locks. The latch is specifically designed so that you won't accidentally change your combination while the case is unlocked. Which is a common problem among cases with cheaper combination locks.

The Gewa Air 2.1 violin cases are definitely one of the best oblong violin cases you'll find under $700.



"The Gewa Air case is really pretty and sleek. The case is of high quality, with nice materials."

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Top Reasons To Get This Case

✔️ Only 4.4 lbs.
✔️ Made in Germany
✔️ Extremely protective
✔️ Outstanding insulation properties
✔️ Attachable sheet music pouch
✔️ Adjustable velcro straps to accommodate any shoulder rest

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      Great Violin Cases special offer - every Gewa Air case comes with a white silk violin pouch.

      gewa silk bag


      • - Full size violin case
      • - Combination Locks
      • - Detachable and spacious accessory pocket
      • - Padded, adjustable suspension system
      • - Inside black velour padding, protection blanket
      • - GEWA patented swivel type holder and flexible bow holder
      • - 2 detachable neoprene backpack straps for high wearing comfort

      German-Engineered thermoplastic protection.

      As strong as carbon fiber, but doesn't heat up like carbon fiber!

      Gewa Air Thermoplastic shell

      Gewa Air Cases Are Made In Germany

      Flag of Germany

      Watch The Gewa Air Violin Cases Video


      Exterior Dimensions

      • 80 x 27.5 x 15 cm

      Interior Dimensions

      • Total Length: 78.5 cm.
      • Body Length: 36 cm.
      • Upper bout: 22.5 cm.
      • Lower bout: 22.5 cm.

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