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    Gewa L'Apprenti Violin Outfit





    Gewa German Violin Outfit With Bow

    The L'Apprenti violin outfit by Gewa is one of the best violin outfits you'll find! It features a rich, warm, and full tone. A professional luthier at Gewa checks every crucial aspect of the violin outfit before delivering it to musicians.

    When you receive the outfit, the violin is set up and ready to play! No need to align the bridge or sound post. No need to peg and string the instrument yourself.

    The quality craftsmanship and sound of this violin will make any student and aspiring musician enjoy playing the violin!


    I absolutely love the sound of this violin! My son's teacher was very surprised when we told her the price of the outfit. She thought it was worth much more!

    - Catherine J.

    Video Review & Sound Test

    What's Included

    • Full-size L'Apprenti violin
    • Gewa Aspirante violin case (shaped or oblong)
    • Gewa carbon bow
    • Pirastro Tonica string set

    The Violin

    The Case

    Gewa Aspirante Case

    The Gewa Aspirante violin case features a water-resistant canvas cover and a rain-flap. The hard-foam shell is protective and temperature-resistant. The bow holders are also Gewa's signature swivel bow holders that snap into place. So you don't have to worry about them loosening over time.

    The Bow

    Violin Bow

    Perfectly well balanced and weighted. Ideal for students that want to master various bow techniques. The carbon material ensures that the bow will stay straight, offering consistent quality and playability in the long run.