• 200AC-1

    Glasser Advanced Composite Fiberglass Violin Bow





    Glasser Composite Fiberglass Violin Bow

    These bows feature sticks made of Glasser NY's proprietary advanced composite materials. The bows are mounted with high quality German-made ebony frogs. Which are lined with a white mother of pearl slide and double eye. All of these advanced composite bows are nickel silver mounted with a wire grip. They come with premium white unbleached horsehair.

    Why Advanced Composite Fiberglass Bows?

    They're easier to maintain compared to wooden bows! Because wood is an organic material, it's more susceptible to temperature damages. Plus wood is easier to break.

    Advanced composite fiberglass bows have the resilience you need from wooden bows for good playability. And you don't have to worry about bending or chipping.