L.R.Baggs Violin Pickup

Clean & Crystal Clear Violin Pickup

The L.R.Baggs violin pickup is one of the best violin pickups that deliver the cleanest and most original sound of your instrument. The brand is very popular among stringed instrument players. They've made an incredible name for themselves in the guitar industry.

Unlike most pickups, the L.R.Baggs violin pickup is attached to its own bridge. By doing so, the pickup can accurately capture the vibrations of the entire bridge effortlessly. The pickup also rejects any signal directed to the plane of the bridge, such as finger squeaks, body noise, and feedback.

An external preamp is recommended.

Note: Once the pickup is attached, it is not easily removed. Since the 1/4" jack mount needs to be soldered to the wire connecting to the bridge, the jack mount needs to stay on the instrument at all times.