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    Larsen Strings Violin Strings





    Larsen Strings Violin Strings 4/4 size

    Larsen Originals deliver a warm yet direct and unhesitating feel with rapidly achieved tuning stability and consistency of sound. Original, reliable, robust projection, ideal for the neutral sounding instrument in need of some complementary warmth.

    We offer two set options - the Larsen violin set with steel E, aluminum A & D, or the Larsen violin set with gold E & silver D.

    The Larsen E string is made of carbon steel while the E Gold string is made of gold-plated stainless steel. The A, D and G strings are made using a multi-filament nylon core. The A string is wound with precision rolled aluminum flat wire and the D and G strings with pure silver.The E gold strings is especially suitable for darker instruments in need of a powerful yet sensual resonance.

    Made in Denmark without compromise. Highest quality materials and finished by hand. Used by the finest musicians in the world.