• OM5402-1-BU

    Mirage Carbonpoly Oblong Violin Case Blue

    Weight: 3.8 lb

    Size: 4/4

    Material: Polycarbonate Shell

    - Removable accessory pouch
    - Four bowlders
    - Water-resistant exterior music pocket
    - Removable subway handle
    - Backpack straps
    - Lightweight design approximately 1.7 kg

    Mirage Carbonpoly Oblong Violin Case Blue

    The perfect fusion of strength, durability, and featherlight portability. Crafted with precision to safeguard your valuable instrument, this case is a musician's dream come true.

    The Mirage Carbonpoly Oblong Violin Case is built with reinforced carbonpoly material, providing incredible strength and durability. Your violin will be shielded from accidental impacts and bumps, ensuring its safety during transportation.

    The best, this case only weighs 3.8 lb. (approximately 1.7 kg), which makes it a breeze to carry around.

    Top Reasons To Get This Case

    ✔️ Great Strength and Durability

    ✔️ Only 3.8 lb. (approx. 1.7 kg).

    ✔️ Four bow holders

    ✔️ 1 large removable accessory pouch

    ✔️ Water-Resistant Exterior Music Pocket

    ✔️ Subway strap and backpack straps