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    Müsing Carbon Fiber Violin Bows





    The Most Advanced Carbon Fiber Violin Bows

    Müsing bows were designed by Bernd Müsing, who made the famous Arcus bows 20 years earlier. The Arcus wooden violin bows are worth more than $7,000. However, the pernambuco trees used to make these bows became endangered in 2008.

    Being the brilliant entrepreneur he is known for, Bernd began a long journey of discovering new methods of creating the highest quality bows with new composite materials instead of wood. It took several years, but the result - The Müsing carbon fiber bows.

    These bows are 10% lighter and 50% more resilient than traditional wooden bows. Which makes them faster and easier to play. The bows deliver good projection of sound, and a wide range of overtones.

    The bows are categorized from C2 to C5. With C2 designed for students, and C5 for master violinists. But don't confuse any of these bows as "student" violin bows. Each bow is carefully crafted in Germany to deliver great response and playability. Even the C2 is designed for student violinists that are serious about improving their violin skills.