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NS Design NXTa 4-String Electric Violin Black

NS Design NXTa 4-String Electric Violin Black

The NXTa violins, also known as the NXT active violins, are known for their versatility, convenience, and incredible performance capability.

That's because they feature the option of active output electronics. On the side of the instrument, you can push the volume knob to select between active or passive mode.

Unlike the NS Design WAV violins that only have passive mode, the active mode allows you to charge the active circuit built into the NXTa violin. And because it is self-powered, you can plug it into any high or low impedance device. No direct box required, and no signal is lost; resulting in a stronger and clearer sound.

There's a toggle switch on the side of the instrument to choose between arco or pizzicato mode, to enhance the sound you're going for. The ergonomics and craftsmanship of this instrument is also remarkable. It only weighs 1.3 lb. And it's very comfortable and easy to play!


"I have never played an electric violin that has felt as natural yet versatile as the NXT. My live sets would be literally impossible without this instrument!" - bad snacks

Top Reasons To Get This Violin

✔️ Polar ™ pickup system - The most advanced violin pickup there is

✔️ Dual mode output - Choose between passive or active mode

✔️ Arco / pizzicato switch - Enhance your desired sound

✔️ Adjustable bridge - To accommodate different playing styles

✔️ Self-clamping tuners - For smooth and accurate tuning

✔️ Custom shoulder rest - Adjust the padded base to your shoulder for a secure and comfortable fit

✔️ No batteries required - charge it through any AC outlet

Polar ™ Pickup System

The most advanced violin pickup there is. The Polar ™ pickup system is what separates the NS Design violins from all the other electric violins out there. It is designed to capture every nuance and bowed response to create brilliant tones and sonics to your amplifier or speaker system.

Arco / Pizzicato Switch

The pickup system responds either to lateral string vibrations (bowing), or vertical vibrations (plucked). The switch on the NXTa allows you to enhance your desired sound.

The Dual Mode Output

Active Mode

With active mode, the NXTa can be plugged straight into any low or high impedance device without a direct box. And because there's no signal loss, each sound remains clear and strong, even with extra long cables. The capacitor-powered active circuit can be fully charged in 60 seconds with 16 hours of playing time.

Passive Mode

With passive mode, the NXTa can be played through an amplifier with an impedance of 1 meg ohm or great (3-10 is recommended). You can also play it through a direct box, which provides performance capabilities identical to the original NXT.


  • 4-string electric violin
  • Rotary volume control knob, with push-pull selection between active and passive output mode
  • Tone control knob (treble roll off)
  • Arco/pizzicato toggle switch
  • Removable body reference bout - on treble side of the violin. For violinists that are used to touching the body of a violin for 3rd position reference
  • D’Addario™ NS Electric violin strings (compatible with any solid and stranded core violin strings)


Weight: 585 grams

  • Body/neck: Solid, straight grain maple, with maple face
  • Fingerboard: Hand-graduated, asymmetric relief
  • Bridge: Black-dyed maple, height adjustable via screws on back of body
  • Length:540& mm / Width: 110 mm / Thickness: 65 mm / Scale length: 330 mm


NS Design NXTa Electric Violin Manual