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Musilia S3 Carbon Fiber Cello Case Red

Musilia S3 Red Carbon Fiber Cello Case 

Weight: Only 5.5 lbs!

    The Musilia Strad 3 carbon fiber cello case is probably the lightest cello case you will ever find. It's lighter than most violin cases. And it was specifically designed by Musilia's German engineers to protect even the most valuable cellos out there; hence the name - the Musilia Strad.

    Living up to Musilia's incredible reputation, this case features a high-tech suspension system, a revolutionary carrying system that protects your straps from slipping, and an incredible shock proof carbon fiber shell.


    It's design is sleek, modern, and elegant. And it's overall quality is unparalleled. The Musilia Strad cello cases come in three options:

    • Musilia S1 model - 7.9 lbs.
    • Musilia S2 model - 7 lbs.
    • Musilia S3 model - 5.5 lbs.
    About Musilia 
    "I’m very happy to house my 1758 Carlo Antonio Testore in Musilia" - Umberto Clerici, Principal Cello of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra
    Musilia Testimonial

    Musilia has a long reputation of engineering their cases to provide unsurpassed protection for the instrument and a new level of comfort for the player. New technologies and carbon forming processes allow Musilia to produce a line of carbon fiber cases that will withstand the rigors of travel and protect valuable instruments from damage in even the most stressful situations. Every detail of this case has been built with two important goals in mind: light weight and high resistance. Musilia cases have been created to match the highest expectations of professional players, and to protect the most valuable cellos in the world.