The Realist Violin

The Realist Electric Acoustic Violin

If you're looking to record or amplify a beautiful, clean, and rich sound of a traditional violin, then The Realist violin is perfect for you! As the name suggests, what you amplify through speakers is the real sound of the violin itself.

Plus this instrument is great for orchestral musicians too! The controls are discreet enough to not attract attention in an orchestra. But you still get the option to plug in the instrument at home or at band practice.

The pickup is built into the violin itself. So you don't have to worry about tampering with the bridge, or deal with messy wires on your violin. There's an input jack on the back of the violin. And the volume and tone knobs are camouflaged in the color of the violin varnish.

Top Reasons To Get This Violin

✔️Beautiful & real tone of the traditional acoustic violin

✔️Built-in pickup - no messy wires on the violin or tampering with the bridge

✔️Instant Active (pro models) - more gain that magnifies the effect of the tone knob

Instant-Active™ Technology

Available for Pro models only. The active system delivers a hotter signal. You can plug it into a charger for 90 seconds for 48 hours of low impedance output. This gives you the option to control the violin's sound like an electric guitar. Hotter signal means more gain, which magnifies the effect of the tone knob.

Model Comparison

RVe Standard

  • Volume knob
  • Made in Europe
  • Fully carved violin made of Carpathian Spruce
  • 4-string & 5 string
  • Passive system


  • Volume knob & tone knob
  • Made in Europe
  • Fully carved violin made of Carpathian spruce
  • 4-string & 5 string
  • Instant-Active™ System, for hotter signal
  • Wittner geared easy tuners