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Tonareli Malibu Shaped Fiberglass Viola Case

Tonareli Malibu Fiberglass Viola Case

It's colorful, it's strong, and it's weather-resistant. It is also one of the very few viola cases out there that is both adjustable, and comes with wheels. Tonareli has always had a great reputation of making the best Fiberglass instrument cases. Tonareli has also designed an attachable music bag for these fiberglass cases, so that you will never have to worry about forgetting your music.

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The Tonareli shaped fiberglass viola cases are an affordable and stylish case to protect your prized instrument. Constructed of light weight and durable fiberglass, the case is sealed when closed so your instrument is protected from both inclement weather and sudden temperature changes. The case has a new bow holder design to securely hold two bows. There is a removable accessory compartment for rosin, strings, mutes, cleaning cloth, etc. The case is equipped with wheels and a luggage handle for easy rolling. Each case comes with two shoulder straps and a viola blanket.

Don't forget to get the attachable music bag. Designed specifically for Tonareli fiberglass cases.

Top Reasons to Get his Case

✔ Unique cello shape
✔ With wheels
✔ Durable fiberglass shell
✔ Suspension System
✔ Weather resistant seal
✔ Padded handle for extra comfort


    • Adjustable for 15'' to 17'' violas
    • 2 bow holder
    • 1 removable accessory pouch
    • 2 shoulder straps with safety wires
    • 1 protection blanket

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    Weight:6.8 lbs

    Interior Dimensions:

    • Total length 84 cm (~33 in.)
    • Upper bout 24.8 cm (~9.75 in.)
    • Lower bout 29 cm (~11.4 in.)
    • 20 mm tall at bridge

    Exterior Dimensions:

    • Length - 85cm (~33.5 in.)
    • Width - 33cm (~13 in.)
    • Height - 18cm (~7 in.)