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Tonareli VCPC Composite Blue Cello Case

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Tonareli VCPC1002 Blue Cello Case

The Tonareli VCPC cello case is the very first of it's kind. It consists of layers of polycarbonate, mixed with carbon fiber; creating a really beautiful and unique texture. Another layer of aviation foam creates extra protection and insulation for the cello. 

This case is unbelievably light. Furthermore, it's durable and scratch resistant. The handle is Tonareli's signature padded handle, which is very easy on the fingers and comfortable to carry. This case does not have wheels. It has several D-rings along the back of the case so that you can carry it like a backpack. 


  • 10.5 lbs. only
  • Signature padded handle
  • Tough polycarbonate and carbon fiber mix shell
  • Aviation foam for protection and insulation
  • No wheels
  • Scratch resistant
  • Inside accessory pocket
  • 2 Tonareli extra-security straps