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    If you’re a string player, you’ve probably heard of BAM violin cases.

    And in any orchestra, there’s probably a decent number of musicians who have chosen to protect their instruments with BAM.

    There’s a good reason for this, BAM cases are awesome!

    And there’s definitely a lot of cases to choose from. They come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and styles.

    The number of cases available can seem daunting!

    Which is why we here atGreat Violin Cases have decided to create a Bam violin case review guide!

    We want to make sure you have a very good idea of which BAM violin case would be perfect for you.


    Bam Violin Cases Guide Contents

    Already Know What You're Looking For?

    Are you set on getting a BAM case? And you simply want to look at some of the different options?

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    Who Is BAM?

    BAM is a French company that specializes in manufacturing musical instrument cases. Their mission is to create cases that are not only protective and durable, but also very stylish.

    Even though many other case brands have been around a lot longer, BAM has definitely made a name for themselves in a very short amount of time with their beloved cases and constant commitment to new and innovative designs.


    What Are BAM Violin Cases Known For?


    Probably the most important factor of an instrument case, it has to be protective! These cases are built to protect valuable and fragile wooden instruments.

    Top violinists around the world trust BAM with their violins that are worth five to six figures.



    These cases can last for decades.That’s because BAM does not skimp out on the little stuff. Such as hardware components (zippers, hinges, etc.).

    For example, BAM has worked with reputable travel luggage brandsto design their combination locks for their cases.

    Bam Violin Cases


    Many brands can make protective and durable cases, but very few can make them as stylish as BAM. 

    What’s very unique about the BAM cases is that they come in collections, almost like fashion lines.



    If we had to pick one word to describe BAM cases, it would be innovative. They’re constantly coming out with new collections, new levels of protection, and new accessories to go with their cases.

    We love seeing a brand that is constantly pushing the limitswhen it comes to protecting valuable instruments.


    Intro To BAM Violin Cases

    For this article, we will focus specifically on violin cases. If we wanted to create a guide for all their instrument cases, we would probably have to write a book!

    BAM violin cases come in all kinds of collections. However, we can divide these collections into 2 main categories:

    1. The standard BAM violin cases
    2. The Hightech BAM violin cases


    The Standard BAM Violin Cases

    These cases are all under $400. And they all have zippers. Here’s a link to all the standard BAM violin cases.

    The Hightech BAM Violin Cases

    These cases start at $675. They feature hard shells. And they use airtight seals instead of zippers. Here’s a link to all the Hightech BAM Violin Cases.

    What’s The Difference Between The Standard And Hightech Violin Cases?

    1. Protection- Hightech cases are a lot more protective than the standard cases.

    2. Weight - Hightech cases weigh almost half as much as the standard cases. Generally around 3.5 - 4.4 lb.

    3. Weather-resistance - Hightech cases are a lot more water-resistant than the standard cases.

    4. Cost - Hightech cases also cost about twice as much as the standard cases.


    The Different BAM Violin Case Shapes

    BAM violin cases come in four different shapes: cabin, contoured, slim, and oblong.The cabin and slim are only available for the Hightech cases.


    BAM Hightech Cabin Cases

    These light and compact violin cases are designed for air travel. The cases themselves are about 24” long. Which means they meet almost all of the airline carry-on regulations.

    However, they have no bow-holders, since the bow itself exceeds 24” long. A bow tube is included (if purchased from Great Violin Cases).The bow tube can fit up to 2 bows.

    2 Elastic bands are also included to secure the bow tube to the case. This way, if the airline does not allow the bow tube as a carry-on because of its’ length, it can be checked in.

    After all, it’s a lot safer to put the bow under the plane, than the instrument itself. The bow tube can also fit in standard check-in luggage.

    These cases also feature 3-digit combination locks that are TSA-approved.


    BAM Hightech Contoured Cases

    Theseshaped violin cases feature simple and compact shapes.

    They all feature 2 bow-holders.

    For the standard contoured cases, there’s a zippered shoulder rest pocket on the outside of the case.

    Quick Note: We have received comments that the zippered shoulder rest pocket is a little tight. I can fit Kun style shoulder rests, but nothing larger.

    The standard contoured cases also have zippered sheet music pouches on the backside of the cases.

    For the Hightech contoured cases, there’s a velcro strap for a shoulder rest to the side of the neck of the instrument.

    All BAM shaped cases have small removable accessory pouches, good for rosin and cloth.


    BAM Hightech Slim Cases

    Also known as theBAM half-moon violin cases, these cases are a little more spacious compared to the contoured cases.

    They have 2 bow holders, and larger removable accessory pouches. You can fit pens and pencils in these pouches.

    They feature 3-digit combination locks.

    The only downside of this case is that it doesn’t really have a space for shoulder rest, as demonstrated onThe Violinista’s Youtube video.

    However, if you’re not one to use a shoulder rest, or you carry it somewhere else, this is one of the most unique and stylish cases out there!


    BAM Oblong Cases

    TheBAM oblong cases are the most spacious cases.

    The Hightech oblong cases all have 4 bow holders. Whereas most of the standard oblong cases have 2 bow holders.

    Most of the oblong cases have removable accessory pouches as well.

    The Hightech oblong violin cases have velcro straps under the neck of the instruments for shoulder rests of any size, as demonstrated in thisYoutube video.

    The Hightech oblong cases do not have sheet music pouches. However, there are certain ones “with pocket”, where you’ll see a zippered sheet music pouch on top of the case.

    Most of the standard oblong cases feature zippered sheet music pouches on the backside of the cases.


    The Materials Used

    BAM cases are quite unique in the fact that they don’t use standard materials the way many other case makers do.

    There are no BAM fiberglass or wooden cases. They don’t really have carbon fiber violin cases either, which we will explain later.

    BAM uses their own unique materials that are often a combination of other materials. Taking the best components of each material to build durable, protective, and light cases.

    Let’s take a look at some of the most common materials they use.



    We’ve seen this word several times throughout this article. But it’s basically what is used to make BAM’s hardshell violin cases.

    The Hightech exterior shells are a combination of 3 high performance materials: ABS, Airex foam, and another type of ABS).

    BAM chose these materials as part of their mission to build light, protective, and durable violin cases that are ALSO temperature-resistant!

    Which is why they don’t make carbon fiber violin cases. Even though carbon fiber is an extremely light, protective, and durable material.

    Carbon fiber can heat up on a hot summer’s day.

    For some of the BAM Hightech cases, they may say black carbon or silver carbon in the title. But that’s just “the look”.

    The case itself is still made of temperature-resistant Hightech shells.


    High Density Polyurethane Foam

    Sounds fancy, but we’d like to think of it as a Tempur-pedic foam mattress.

    This foam is what suspends your instrument within the case. You’ll find this in all of the standard BAM cases.

    The Hightech cases feature injected foam cushions to suspend your instrument.

    This high-density foam is really the day-to-day protection that your instrument needs.

    The chances of your case being run over by a car is quite slim, but having your case slip or drop out of your hands can happen.

    And when it does, the foam absorbs the shock, not your instrument!

    Another great feature of this foam is that it acts as an insulator for your case. It doesn’t absorb the dangerous temperatures of hot, humid, or cold weather.



    This material has been a relatively new innovation among BAM.

    You can find these polycarbonate cases in their Supreme L’opera violin cases and Ice Supreme violin cases.

    Why polycarbonate?

    Polycarbonate is one of the strongest plastics out there! It’s also used to make shatterproof glass.

    One especially great feature is how scratch-resistant these cases are compared to standard hardshell cases.

    And because it’s a plastic it doesn’t absorb heat like metal. Making the cases more temperature-resistant as well.


    ABS Reinforcements

    This is another common feature you will see within the standard BAM violin cases.

    Because all standard cases feature high-density foam, that doesn’t necessarily mean the exterior is hard.

    So on most of their standard collections, the cases are reinforced with ABS. Which makes the exterior of thecases more rigid and tough.


    PVC Fabric Reinforcements

    PVC fabric is not as rigid as ABS. You’ll find PVC fabric reinforcements with theBAM Artisto violin cases.

    This means the cases are are not as rigid as the ABS reinforced cases.

    But they’re also slightly lighter at 6.6 lb.


    No Reinforcements

    No BAM case description will list that the case is not reinforced!

    But we think it’s important to mention, as we do sell online, and a case may look more rigid than it actually is.

    A case without reinforcements would just simply be a high-density foam case, such as theBAM performance violin cases.

    This allows the case to be incredibly light at 4.8 lb.

    But you definitely would not want to sit on the case. Again, think of it as a Tempur-pedic mattress.

    Great suspension and temperature-resistant properties, but the rigidness is between a gig bag and a hardshell case.


    The BAM Violin Case Collections

    Now that we have a good understanding of BAM, it’s time to dig in and take a look at the different collections.

    There’s definitely a lot of choices, but start by focusing on the features you want in a violin case.

    If you’re a traveling musician, you may want something light and compact.

    If you use a large shoulder rest, you may need a more spacious oblong case.

    And of course, the most important thing to consider when selecting your BAM case - your budget!

    How much is your violin worth? How much sentimental value is there? Do you want to keep it safe for decades to come?


    BAM Hightech Violin Case Collections

    Before we get into the Hightech collections, just a few pointers to keep in mind:

    1. All Hightech cases feature the same protection and durability. The difference among these collections is exterior design.

    2. Some exterior designs may be more scratch-resistant or slip-resistant than others.

    3. Any case that has Supreme in the tite is a 100% polycarbonate case. These cases are more durable and protective than the other Hightech cases.


    BAM Original Hightech Violin Cases

    The name can get a little confusing, since almost all hardshell BAM violin cases are made of the Hightech shells. But this collection is also called the Hightech collection.

    To make it easier, we’re calling these the original Hightech violin cases.

    These are also some of ourbest-selling violin cases.

    You can find the cabin cases within this collectionif you’re a traveling musician.


    BAM La Defense Hightech Violin Cases

    The La Defense violin cases are some of themost beautiful violin cases you will find. They feature elegantbrushed-aluminum shells.

    The straps are bright orange.

    These cases makeperfects gifts for professional violinists.


    BAM Panther Hightech Violin Cases

    Shapes: shaped, slim, oblong

    Weight: 3.8 - 5 lbs.

    Price: $773 - $1169

    The Panther violin cases arescratch-resistant and slip-resistant violin cases.

    They feature a rubber layer on the Hightech shells. The surface of this rubber feels like the surface of a dodgeball.

    They also feature thenewest sheet music pouches by BAM, with additional accessories pouches, and waterproof rain zippers.


    BAM L’opera Supreme Violin Cases

    Shapes: shaped

    Weight: 3.5 lbs.

    Price: $892

    These cases have themost unique shapes out of all the Hightech cases.

    They feature100% polycarbonate shells along with 2nd generation locks that are even more durable.

    These cases are alsomore scratch-resistant than the original Hightech cases.


    BAM L'etoile Hightech Violin Cases

    Shapes: shaped, oblong

    Weight: 4.2 - 5 lbs.

    Price: $1088 - $1345

    Beautifulhand-sewn leather violin cases.

    They feature the same Hightech shells, just with a layer of genuine leather on the top shell.

    The bottom shell features a brushed-aluminum look.

    These cases are generally on back-order! Since they’re quite rare, BAM will make this case only when it is ordered.

    These cases take about 6 months to handmake.

    Feel free tocontact us anytime to see if we happen to have any in stock.


    BAM Grey Flannel Hightech Violin Case

    Shapes: oblong

    Weight: 5.5 lbs.

    Price: $821

    Amodern violin case with a sophisticated look. The back of the case features azippered pocket for sheet music.

    There are 2 additional leather straps used to keep the case closed.

    Think of it as a beautiful briefcase with modern protection for your violin.


    BAM Ice Supreme Violin Cases

    Shapes: shaped

    Weight: 3.5 lbs.

    Price: $892 - $1141

    Similar to the 100% polycarbonate Supreme cases mentioned before.

    The only difference is their Ice white exterior shells.

    Thesecases are scratch-resistant too! Which is pretty rare for awhite hardshell violin case.


    BAM Standard Violin Case Collections

    Next we’ll be taking a look at the BAM standard violin cases.

    Now the word “standard” is really just our way of differentiating these cases from the Hightech cases.


    BAM Classic Violin Cases

    Available in ¾ and ½ size well

    The original BAM cases! They’vebeen around for decades, and they’ve definitely stood the test of time.

    The exterior cordura fabric is water-resistant.

    Violinists choose these cases because they aresimple, affordable, and durable.

    The contoured cases feature zippered pockets on the outside for a Kun style shoulder rest.

    As mentioned before, the fit can be quite tight. Any shoulder rest larger than a Kun will not fit.

    Even non-collapsible Kun shoulder rests will create a bulge within this pocket.


    BAM Saint Germain Violin Cases

    Shapes: shaped, oblong

    Weight: 5.7 - 6.8 lbs.

    Price: $329 - $408

    Thesetraditional looking violin cases are one of our best-selling BAM cases.

    They feature beautiful striped patterns on the exterior canvas.

    Compared to the classic cases, these Saint Germain cases aremore water-resistant and tear-resistant.

    This is because the exterior canvas is made of ballistic fabric.

    There’s also zippered compartments for sheet music on the backside of the cases.


    BAM Artisto Violin Cases

    Shapes: oblong

    Weight: 6.6 lbs.

    Price: $398

    These violin cases can fit 4 bows.

    There’s a compartment above the scroll of the instrument for shoulder rest and accessories.

    The Artisto cases are PVC reinforced cases. So they’re not going to be as rigid as the Saint Germain cases, which are ABS reinforced.


    BAM Katyushka Violin Cases

    Shapes: shaped, oblong

    Weight: 5.3 - 6.4 lbs.

    Price: $337 - $418

    Eastern-European inspired violin cases.

    They featurebeautiful embroidery along the exterior of the case.

    The exterior fabric is also tougher than the original BAM classic cases. So they’re more water-resistant and tear-resistant.


    BAM Peak Performance Violin Cases

    Shapes: oblong

    Weight: 6.5 - 7.5 lbs.

    Price: $273 - $398

    Available in ¾ and ½ size as well.

    These are themost functional violin cases out of all the collections.

    They feature several exterior pockets on the front. Including 2 different compartments for sheet music.

    The backpack straps are attached. Which means they’re morecomfortable to carry as a backpack.

    There’s a pocket to the side for a water bottle.

    One of the cases is designed only for the violin, and comes with a bow tube that can be attached at the side.

    This is good if you need a case that’ll meet airline regulations.

    The Peak Performance BAM violin cases are definitelydesigned for violinists on the go!


    BAM Performance Violin Cases

    Shapes: oblong

    Weight: 4.8 lbs.

    Price: $343 - $380

    Considered the predecessors to the Peak Performance cases.

    They are elegant violin cases with nylon exterior covers.

    They have several accessories pouches on the front side, with water-proof zippers.

    They’re one of thelighter cases you will find under $300 with exceptional durability.

    However, this case is not reinforced. Which means it’s not as rigid as some of the other cases.

    It’s definitely harder than a gig bag, but not as hard as a wooden violin case.

    It’ll keep your instrument protected, but don’t sit on the case!


    BAM Leo Violin Cases

    Shapes: oblong

    Weight: 6.8 lbs.

    Price: $434

    The firstleopard-print BAM violin case.

    It’s basically a Saint Germain violin case, but with a leopard-print exterior.

    The exterior ballistic fabric is also water-resistant and tear-resistant.


    BAM Signature Violin Cases

    Shapes: shaped, oblong

    Weight: 5.3 - 6.4 lbs.

    Price: $329 - $434

    Classy-looking professional violin cases.

    Exterior 1200 denier cordura fabric is water-resistant and tear-resistant.

    There’s a leather pouch on the front sides of the violin cases for small accessories.


    BAM Stylus Violin Cases

    Shapes: oblong

    Weight: 5.3 - 6.4 lbs.

    Price: 361

    Also one of the original BAM violin cases that have been around for decades.

    These simple oblong cases feature 2 bow holders.

    They’re ABS reinforced for extra protection.

    They’ve got a front pocket for accessories along with a zippered compartment on the backside for sheet music.


    Choosing the right Bam Case

    Now that we’ve explored all the BAM collections, it’s time to choose the case that is right for you.



    Probably the most important factor when it comes to choosing a violin case.

    If we could get light, durable, and protective cases under $100, why not!

    That’s because they’re just not that cheap to make.

    Quality cases require quality material.

    Set a budget that you are comfortable with.

    Take into account the value of your violin. A lot of times, the value isn’t necessarily equal to the appraised price.

    A $1000 violin may not need a $600 case to protect it.

    But if that same violin has been handed down for generations, and protecting it for decades to come is important to you, the value of that violin is a lot higher than $1000.


    Your Lifestyle

    Another thing to consider is your lifestyle as a musician.

    Are you at a school where other students can easily scratch or ding your case?

    Do you live in hot or cold climates?

    Are youa traveling musician that has to worry about carry-on regulations? And definitely do not want to check-in your instrument?

    Or maybe you’re not a violinist, and you’re simply looking for a case to protect an antique violin that will be sitting on a shelf somewhere?

    And you want to make sure that the violin isn’t ruined by dangerous or humid temperatures?


    Your Specific Needs

    What do you look for in a violin case? Do you need space for sheet music?

    Do you need space for a large shoulder rest? Or maybe you don’t even use a shoulder rest, and you’re looking for the most compact case you can find?

    Do you need a case that can lock? Such as a combination lock?

    Or do you want to avoid combination locks for fear of accidentally locking your violin in the case?And yes, this has happened before.


    Your Style

    Music is art. You’re an artist!Choose a case that fits your style.

    Remember, it’s a case that you will be carrying with you for decades.

    Choose one that you’ll be proud of carrying around!


    Reach Out To Us

    Finally, reach out to us anytime!We specialize in cases, and we’re ready to answer any questions you may have.

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