• Bam Viola Cases


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    Browse our high-quality Bam Viola Cases! Bam has had a long reputation for making some of the world's most protective and stylish instrument cases.

    They use advanced technology and materials to ensure the highest protection for your instruments. These cases are incredibly durable. And there are several styles and models to choose from.

    If you're looking for the absolute best protection, check out the Bam viola hard cases, also known as the Hightech viola cases. They come in 3 shapes: contoured, oblong, and compact oblong.

    The Hightech cases are adjustable to accommodate violas between 15.5" and 16.5". The standard oblong cases can accommodate violas up to 16.5", whereas the compact oblong cases can accommodate violas up to 16".

    The Bam professional ciola cases come in a variety of beautiful exterior shells which include Eastern-inspired embroidery, hand-sewn leather, Cordura fabric and rubber exterior layers which are more scratch-resistantand slip-resistant.

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