• Pedi Violin Cases

    Pedi violin cases offer 2 types of protection - reinforced steel hardshell cases with fabric covers, and fiberglass violin cases. Both offer incredible protection for your instrument.

    The cases are not only sturdy, but they're also lightweight and water-resistant. Even the zippers have water-proof lining so that rain water can't seep in.

    The soft and well-padded backpack system is attached to the case and can be folded back into a special pocket when you don't need them, eliminating the annoyance of flapping straps.

    Pedi violin cases are made in Taiwan. Each case has been stress-tested for maximum durability and protection. This includes putting over 200 kg of pressure on each case to test it's strength and durability.

    Meaning you can stand on these cases and your instrument will be fine!

    If you want to learn more about choosing the right violin case for you, be sure to check out our article on The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Violin Case.

    UPDATE: Some of Pedi OBLONG violin cases are currently out of stock. We have Blue and Red in stock. The newest ETA at the end of November. PRE-ORDER your Pedi case now! Risk-free. Cancel anytime.