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    So what is a violin case backpack?

    It’s basically a violin case that you can carry on your back.

    A violin case backpack is a must for violinists often on foot or public transportation. It’s also ideal for traveling violinists! Here at Great Violin Cases we have a large selection of only the best violin case backpacks.

    What are the different types of violin case backpacks?

    There are two main types:

    1. A case that comes with 2 shoulder strapsthat can be attached to the back of the case to form backpack straps. The straps can be parallel to each other, or they can form a V-shape (if there’s one D-ring in the center of the case).

    2. A case with a built-in backpack system.The straps are attached to the back of the case, they’re usually well padded. These cases often have padded backsides as well, so that they feel more comfortable on your back.

    What are the main differences between these two types?

    Cases with built-in straps are usually more comfortable. They’re designed for violinists who plan on carrying the violin case like a backpack most of the time.

    Cases that come with two straps are ideal for violinists that may want to carry their case on one shoulder, or carry it by the handle from time to time. The straps can be easily removed.

    In this article, we’ll explore some of the best violin case backpacks.

    Backpack Violin Cases With Built-In Straps

    Violin cases with padded backpack straps are the best when it comes to comfort and long-distance carrying.

    The Gewa Space Bag is a revolutionary travel accessory designed to optimize packing efficiency and keep you organized on the go. Its space-saving technology compresses your belongings, while multiple compartments ensure everything has its place. Durable, lightweight, and easy to use, this versatile bag is the ultimate travel companion for any adventure. Say goodbye to bulky luggage and hello to stress-free travel with Gewa Space Bag.

    Gewa Space Bag

    Gewa violin case for travel

    Why we love it

    Bag meets carry-on regulations

    ✅ Elastic rings to secure bow-tube

    ✅ Backpack-style compartment for sheet music & accessories

    ✅ Breathable mesh backpack straps


    Price: $261

    Weight: 5.9 lb.

    Size: 4/4 & 3/4 options

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    • Top made of polycarbonate shells

    • 2 mesh pockets on the sides

    • Subway handle on the top

    • High-density foam cushioning for violin

    • Great temperature resistance & insulation

    BAM peak Backpack case

    The Bam Peak Performance cases feature padded straps and cushioned backsides for extra carrying comfort on the lower back and shoulders. This case is the perfect case for traveling musicians that want to protect their posture over time.

    These cases are also some of the most functional cases.There are several zippered compartments for sheet music and accessories. There’s also a side compartment for a water bottle! The case gives ultimate versatility for those who take their violins on outdoor expeditions!

    Bam Peak Performance

    Why we love it

    Reinforced High-Density Foam

    ✅ Padded backpack straps with ergonomic back cushion

    ✅ Water-resistant and tough exterior fabric

    ✅ Signature protection and durability


    Price: starting at $289

    Weight: 7+ lb.

    Size: 1/2 - 4/4 violins

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    • 1 bow tube (can fit 2 bows)
    • Large compartment for sheet music
    • 1 mesh pocket for water bottle
    • 1 Bam water bottle
    Pedi backpack violin case

    The Pedi case is one of the only violin cases with retractable backpack straps.Meaning you can hide the straps if you decide to carry the case by its handle. The padded sheet music pouch on the back is also designed to provide more comfort on your back.

    The case only weighs 5 lbs. The front of the case features reflective strips. So if you're walking with your case on your back at night, car lights will reflect off the case. Another very unique feature that you won’t find on most cases.

    Pedi Niteflash

    Why we love it

    Only 3.3-5 lbs. (1.5-2.3 kg)

    ✅ High-pressure resistance / you can stand on the case

    ✅ 'Night Stripe' reflective strips

    ✅ Attached backpack straps / comfortable to carry


    Price: starting at $333

    Weight: 3.3+ lb.

    Size: 4/4 violins

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    • Water-resistant zippers and covers
    • Space for Kun-style shoulder rest
    • 2 padded backpack straps and padded music pouch
    • Protective suspension system

    Violin Cases With Parallel Straps

    Gewa backpack violin case

    The Gewa violin cases feature detachable shoulder straps with padding for extra comfort on the shoulders. The sheet music pouch is also padded. And it’s placed perfectly between the straps to provide more comfort on your back.

    If you’re looking for a lightweight violin case with incredible protection, go with the Gewa Air oblong case. If you’re looking for a similar option but at an affordable price, check out the Gewa Pure oblong case.

    The straps are attached closer to the bottom half of the case. So you can still sit down with the case on your back.

    Gewa Air

    Why we love it

    3-digit combination locks

    ✅ Extremely protective and durable

    ✅ Great against hot and cold climates

    ✅ Patented bow holders that clicks into place, better for securing your bow


    Price: starting at $499

    Weight: 3.5+ lb.

    Size: 4/4 violin

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    • Made in Germany
    • Zippered pouch for sheet music
    • Subway handle
    • Removable accessory pouch

    These Bam Hightech cases are one of the very few shaped cases that do not form a V-shape. Instead, the D-rings are along the sides of the case. The straps are also padded for extra carrying comfort.

    This is ideal for violinists that want the parallel straps on a shaped case. Since some violinists may find the V-shape too narrow for wide shoulders.

    The Preferred Choice of Pros - Bam La Defense

    Why we love it

    2 padded backpack straps with security hooks

    ✅ Anti-slip rubber patches on the bottom

    ✅ Beautiful brushed aluminum shells

    ✅ Quality suspension system - protects against shocks and bumps


    Price: starting at $820

    Weight: 3.5+ lb.

    Size: 4/4 violin

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    • Top Seller!
    • 2 combination locks
    • Water-resistant and airtight seal
    • Removable accessory pouch

    Violin Cases With V Straps

    All Jakob Winter cases feature 3 D-rings on the back. Each case also comes with two shoulder straps that form a V-shape when attached to the 3 D-rings.

    The shoulder straps are not padded, and there’s no back cushion either to provide extra carrying comfort. So why did we put these cases on this list?

    They’re the lightest violin cases you’ll find under $300!  Some of the contoured cases are as light as 2.8 lbs. That’s as light as it gets for a violin case. With the minimal weight, you’ll barely feel it on your shoulders.

    Jakob Winter

    Why we love it

    Water-repellent exterior

    ✅ Space under violin for Kun-style shoulder rest

    ✅ Small accessory pocket

    ✅ Scratch-resistant surface


    Price: starting at $232

    Weight: 2.8+ lb.

    Size: 4/4 violin

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    • 2 backpack straps
    • 2 bow holders
    • Eco friendly
    • 2 easy access locks
    tonareli backpack case

    TheTonareli shaped violin cases are some of the most popular student fiberglass cases out there because of the large selection of colors and patterns. All cases come with 2 padded shoulder straps.

    What’s unique about these cases is that they have 5 D-rings on the back of the case. So you have the option to form a V-shape or parallel shape with the 2 shoulder straps.


    Why we love it

    2 shoulder straps with safety wires

    ✅ Removable accessory pouch

    ✅ Beautiful exterior fiberglass shell

    ✅ Weather resistant seal


    Price: starting at $349

    Weight: 5.6 lb.

    Size: can fit 3/4 & 4/4 violins

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    • Movable bottom cushion to fit 4/4 & 3/4 violins
    • Suspension system
    • Padded handle for extra comfort
    • Instrument blanket


    There are lots of options out there when it comes to finding a violin case that you can carry as a backpack. But not all of them are designed for comfort.

    For example, most violin cases come with simple shoulder straps with no padding. This may be fine if your case is light. But if it’s a heavy case, the straps will dig into your shoulders.

    Cases with padded sheet music pouches or built-in padding for your lower back can provide a lot of comfort. These cases can also help your posture in the long run.

    And not all violin cases come with two straps. Many cases only come with one shoulder strap, so the 2nd strap will have to be an additional order.

    But take note that it is still very important to choose and invest in a decent backpack violin case that is lightweight, protective and durable so that you’ll be happy carrying it for years.

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