Top 5 Electric Violins Of 2022

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Electric violins have been around since the 1930s. But they seem to be starting to make a real impact in the music industry just within the past few years. And there's a few reason why:

  1. Electric violins are getting a lot better! Some of the sounds coming from these instruments are so unique, rich, and bold. They're inspiring violinists in a whole new way.
  2. Software effects and plugins are getting more and more advanced. In fact, anybody with an iPhone gets Garageband for free. 50 years ago, that would've been like walking around with a 2 million dollar studio in your pocket! By plugging in your violin, you've got an endless variety of tools to create new and unique sounds from your phone or computer.
  3. Music collaboration has never been easier. You can connect with other musicians and artists through several online platforms. You can easily record tracks on your electric violin and share it with others.
  4. Listeners are looking for that amplified, "big stage" sound. Violinists can plug in their electric violins to mainstage speakers at large venues.

But like anything that grows in popularity, there comes more competition, and more choices. Lots more choices! There are all kinds of electric violins you can purchase ranging from $100 to $7000. How do you know which one is right for you?

That's where this article comes in. By the end, you'll have a very good understanding of some of the top electric violins, and which one is right for youbased on your needs. Don't forget to grab a violin case to protect your instrument as well.

What This Article Is NOT

This is NOT a list of best selling electric violins on Amazon! Too often we see websites writing hundreds of articles introducing all kinds of products on Amazon. Unfortunately, these are usually promoting electric violins with good sales records and decent profit margins for the websites. Not necessarily good electric violins for you.

NS Design WAV Electric Violin

Price: $699

Top Reasons To Get This Violin

  • Incredibly affordable for the sound, quality, and craftsmanship you get.
  • Precision tuning system makes turning very easy. And strings stay in tune longer.
  • Polar™ pickup system - the most advanced violin pickup there is.
  • Volume and tone knob.

This electric violin is perfect for any violinist that wants to start exploring the world of amplified strings. It's also great for beginners! The WAV violin starts at $699.

Why aren't we starting with $200 electric violins?Aren't cheaper electric violins better for beginners? Nope! The problem with these cheap violins is that they often are mass produced with very little attention to craftsmanship. The fingerboard may be too short, the scrolls can be unbalanced, and it may be difficult to play one string at a time because the bridge is cut incorrectly. Not to mention the white noise and unwanted feedback you'll hear as a result of cheap electronics.

Starting on a cheap violin like this will cause a lot of frustration and headaches. Plus you'll be learning the instrument incorrectly. It's like practicing on a cheap little keyboard to get good at the grand piano.

The NS Design WAV violin is really affordable for the quality, craftsmanship, and tone you get. The sound is clean and rich. Perfect for recording directly into your music software. With this violin, you'll be inspired and more motivated to record and practice. Which is what a "beginner" electric violin is supposed to do!

Learn more about the NS Design WAV violins

Glasser AEX Electric Acoustic Violin

Price: $749

Top Reasons To Get This Violin

  • Several colors to choose from.
  • A lot sturdier compared to wooden violins.
  • You can perform acoustically without an amp or speakers.
  • Volume, treble, and frequency knobs.
  • Planetary pegs thats are easy to turn and tune.

This violin is perfect for musicians who want the best of both worlds! The violin is made of a carbon composite body. It's very durable and resilient. It does not chip or break like wooden violins do. And it's not susceptible to hot, cold, dry, or humid weather.

Unlike most electric violins, you can play the Glasser acoustic electric violin even if you don't have an amp.

It does have a volume knob on the tailpiece. Along with bass and treble frequency knobs on the chin rest. So that you can do a little "mixing" directly on your instrument during a performance.

This violin is great for musicians who would like to perform at any occasion, and for any genre. Plus they have several really cool colors to choose from.

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Gewa Novita 5-String Electric Violin

Price: $1080

Top Reasons To Get This Violin

  • Crystal clear sound.
  • Fine tuning pegs are very easy to turn and tune.
  • Can use your own shoulder rest with the universal adaptors.
  • Treble and bass frequency knobs.

Gewa is a German company founded in 1925 near Adorf, a region famous for musicians and the manufacturing of musical instruments. With a name like Gewa, you know you're getting the highest quality instruments.

The Gewa Novita is a beautifully designed electric violin with clear, transparent, and strong tones. What we absolutely love is the deep C sound of the 5th string.

As violinists, we love the low frequencies of the cello. And playing the C string on this 5-String Novita gives us that satisfying bass sound. You can hear the sound on thisGame Of Thrones electric violin cover. Everything you hear is done on a Gewa Novita violin (except the drums). This instrument is great for some fiddling too!

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The Realist Acoustic Electric Violin

Price: $1150

Top Reasons To Get This Violin

  • Can't tell it's an electric violin. Perfect for orchestral violinists.
  • You get the real sound of the wooden violin when amplified.
  • Built-in pickup. No wiring on the violin.
  • Pro model features active power that magnifies the effects of the tone knob.

If you're looking for a way to amplify the original sound of a wooden violin, then this acoustic electric violin is perfect for you! The brand focuses on amplifying the natural sounds of a fine wooden violin without technology "getting in the way". That means no delays, distortions, white noises, and fake or nasally sounding tones. It's just simply the sound of your violin, but amplified!

The electronics on this instrument is very subtle. It's hard to tell it can be amplified just by looking at it, since the knobs are camouflaged along the side of the violin. And the hole for ¼" cable is on the back of the violin.

This instrument is also great for orchestral musicians that want the option to play in an orchestra without sticking out like a sore thumb. And still have the option to plug in their violins for home recording, and amps and speakers on stage.

Learn more about The Realist acoustic electric violins

NS Design CR Electric Violin

Price: $2899

Top Reasons To Get This Violin

  • Full, rich, and brilliant sonics. Some of the best sounds you can get from an electric violin.
  • Advanced Polar™ pickup that allows you to toggle between electronic sounding arco, pizzicato, or acoustic sounding arco.
  • Precision tuning system makes turning very easy. And strings stay in tune longer.
  • Adjustable volume, treble EQ, and bass EQ knobs.

This is the Stradivarius of electric violins! It has so many features that makes it lightyears ahead of the majority of electric violins in the market. What makes this instrument so incredibly valuable is the advanced electronics inside this violin that delivers uniquely bold, rich, and brilliant tones.

It also has an advanced Polar Pickup™ System that can sense string vibrations vertically and horizontally. So it can pick up the most accurate responses of both arco and pizzicato. You decide which response you want by flipping a 3-way toggle switch on the side of the instrument. The 3 responses include electronic arco, pizzicato, and acoustic arco; which gives you the more original acoustic timbres of a wooden violin.

The tuning mechanism is also very advanced. It allows for precision tuning, and the strings stay in tune much longer than traditional tuning pegs.

The NS Design WAV model we mentioned before has the same tuning mechanism, Polar Pickup™ System, and craftsmanship. The difference is the more advanced electronics in the CR model that gives you the 3 responses and the unique and brilliant sonics.

Learn more about the NS Design CR electric violins


It's 2022! The world of music is changing at an incredible pace. And electric violins give you the opportunity to take advantage of a lot of tools that are available to musicians today. Whether you are recording, producing, designing new sounds, exploring new genres, or amplifying on stage, you'll need an electric violin.

Keep in mind, cheap electric violins are cheap for a reason. Creativity and innovation is a lot more valuable than the amount of money you'll save. Not to mention the frustration of an instrument that isn't working or sounding the way it's supposed to.

Invest in yourself as the musician you want to become!


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