Top 5 Viola Case Reviews

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One of the best ways to find a great viola case is to read the top viola case reviews to see what every other violists have been happy with!

In this article, we go over5 of the best selling viola cases we’ve seen. This is based on customer reviews, and our team's knowledge of cases in general.

We’ve included a rating scale for several features:weight, protection, durability, temperature-resistance, & functionality.

We’ve also includedcustomer reviews! So you can see what others have said about these cases.

If you had a specific budget in mind, you can also check out our article on some of thebest selling viola cases based on budget.

5 Top-Selling Viola Cases & Reviews

Bobelock Fiberglass Viola Cases

Price: $299






The Bobelock Fiberglass Viola Cases feature aglossy, colorful and strong fiberglass shell with a luxurious velvet interior.

What we love most about these cases is the way itadjusts to accommodate different violas. You can adjust the padding, then turn a little screw to keep it secure and in place.

The cases can fit violas from 15” to 16½” and up to 260 mm wide.

This is one of thebest and most secure methods we’ve seen in an adjustable viola case.

What customers have said about this case

Great price - sturdy case

“This is a well-made case and will keep your instrument secure.”

- Weldon W.

Love these Cases

“My trusty old viola is beyond happy in its new Bobelock half moon case, and I am pleased my cherished instrument is now much safer than it was in it's 1970-era case. The nylon cover on the new case is removable. The instrument bag and blanket included with the case do keep the instrument safe from flying accessories.”

-MaryKate B.

Bam Hightech Viola Cases

Price range: $842 - $1270






Bam Hightech Viola Cases are definitely one of the best viola cases you can find!

They featureBam's signature injected foam technology, which is the same technology that has protected some of the most valuable instruments around the world.

What we love most about these cases are theirbeautiful exterior shells and incredible light weight.

You can say Bam cases are the "Louis Vuitton" of instrument cases.

It comes as no surprise that many professional violists, museums, and auction houses choose Bam.

What customers have said about this case

Beautiful functional and lightweight case

I love the look, beauty of design and weight of the case. I have tried to find a lightweight case for my 16 1/2 inch viola for years. This is the perfect solution

- Andrea T.


I bought this case for a travel case. It is light, durable, and fits my 16 3/8 viola with very large bottom bouts. Highly recommended. The only downside is that there is little storage.

- Rhona R.

Great Bam case!!

"I just LOVE this case. Very cool and up beat with lots Of too inside for my bows and has a string tube! Also nice pocket inside that attaches with Velcro that you can move around the fits my rosin, tuning fork, practice mute and regular mute and my peg chalk. I also got the music pouch but have yet to figure out how to attach it."

- Carol C.

Pedi Oblong Viola Cases

Price: $329






And then we have the Pedi Oblong Viola Cases. These cases feature apatented "Steel Shield" shell that allows the case to do away with the more traditional heavy plywood constructions, while reducing the weight significantly.

There are steel frames that run along the case. You can basically stand on the case and your instrument will be fine.

What we love about these cases is theattached backpack straps. You can carry these cases on your back with more comfort on your shoulders. Plus there’s a sheet music pouch that acts as a back cushion.

It's no surprise this Pedi NiteFlash Viola Case has been apopular option among students and young professionals.

If you are in search of a great viola case with great value, this case is the one!

Tonareli Oblong Fiberglass Viola Cases

Price: $468






Now, let’s take a look at the Tonareli Oblong Fiberglass Viola Cases. What we love most about these cases is howspacious they are. Plus there are so many colors to choose from!

The cases are constructed oflightweight and durable fiberglass with a water-resistant seal, so your instrument is protected from inclement weather.

The Tonareli oblong cases can be adjusted to accommodate larger violas and feature sheet music pouches that can be easily removed and re-attached to the case.

There are two padded shoulder straps and a viola blanket.

If you are on the lookout for afunctional case with several color options, this is the one!

What customers have said about this case

Great case!

"It's super light which was what I was looking for, but it's also stylish! I get compliments on the aesthetics of it all the time. I wish the storage pouches (which have Velcro on them so you can remove them or place them along the side) were also able to be put near the top. The music pouch on the underside of the case often unscrews from where it is attached at each corner to the outside of the case. All in all - I'd definitely recommend this case to others!"

- Michael H.

Jakob Winter Oblong Viola Cases

Price range: $297 - $316






Finally, we have the Jakob Winter Oblong Viola Cases. These cases are designed in Germany.

What we love most about these cases is how incredibly light they are. It’s hard to find viola cases aslight as 5 lb., andunder $300 with decent protection.

All the Jakob Winter Viola Cases are designed to make traveling and transporting your instrument as safe and simple.

Another great feature of this case is that no adhesives are used, which ensures that the case doesn't come with any odors. And the interior lining consists ofhigh quality, eco-friendly cotton velvet.

This is definitely a quality case that'll protect your instrument for years to come.

What customers have said about this case

So light

"This case makes all the difference in commuting to engagements. It is so light - removes the burden of walking around with one’s instrument."

- Olivia K.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right viola case for you largely depends on your personal preferences, and your budget.

Keep in mind though, viola sizes can be quite unique. Which makes the cases a tad more difficult to shop for online. Especially if you have a viola with unique dimensions.

We generally recommend adjustable viola cases for that reason.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t great non-adjustable viola cases out there! You’ll just have to make sure you get the dimensions right.

And as always, our team here at Great Violin Cases is ready to help with any questions you may have.

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