Top 6 Violin Case Reviews

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In this article, we’re doing an in-depth guide to our6 best violin cases reviews.And why they are the best selling violin cases!

For each review, we’ve included a scorecard of the different features. These includeweight, protection, durability, temperature resistance, and functionality.

Functionality can include nicer locks, more spacious sheet music pocket, space for shoulder rest, removable accessories pouch, etc.

Keep in mind though,functionality is really based on personal preference. For a violinist that does not use a shoulder rest, having ample space for one in the case may not be necessary.

We also highly recommend watching the videos of each case. Pictures are awesome, but videos give you a much better understanding of how these cases work.

If you would like more information on how to choose a violin case, be sure to check out ourultimate guide to buying a violin case.


6 Top-Selling Violin Cases

Gewa Air Violin Cases

Price: $482 - $705






Let's start with this modern lightweight case from the Gewa Air Series. This case uses Gewa's specially developedenergy-absorbing thermoplastic shell technology which makes it excellent for protection and insulation against cold and heat.

It also has 2 detachable neoprene backpack straps so you can easilycarry it on your back while traveling.

The interior features a suspension system with black interior velour padding. Andpatented swivel type bow holders that click into place, which is great for keeping your bows in place.

It also has adetachable and roomy accessories pouch and an instrument blanket for extra protection.

The feature that we love most about this case are the adjustable velcro rings. Since the bottom of the case is velcro-friendly, you can move those rings into any position, so thatyou can accommodate shoulder rests of any size.

What customers have said about this case:

Best case ever!

“This case is lightweight, durable, perfect for traveling, and also a great color. I know it will be well loved for many years!”

- Katharine G.

It’s spectacular!

“I love it, it's spectacular, well designed, light, elegant, strong, well crafted. It's great for stowing in an overhead bin in an aircraft, or a session or an orchestral practice. Everything essential fits: Two bows, tuning fork, rosin, nail clippers, and a shoulder rest.”

- Rosario M.

Love This Case

This case is stellar. So light but still sturdy. Very well engineered, it's so sleek and streamlined. Nothing like the seven pound bulky cases I used to own. Outside of the size & weight, the locks are my absolute favorite part--no more fooling with a clumsy zipper and latch. Nice accessory pouch and backpack straps too. Pricey, but you can tell it will last for years. Highly recommend Gewa.

- Olivia B.

Great case!

So far my Gewa Air has been attractive and functional . I’ve received lots of compliments, The violin is safely suspended in the case,the four bow holders work well and my shoulder rest straps in easily !

- Michael E.

Absolutely wonderful!

For the amount of storage space, this case is very light. Most scratches can be removed with rubbing alcohol or even hand sanitizer. The locks are very nice and solid and the shoulder straps are reinforced with airplane wire. It’s very comfortable to carry on your back… The suspension is absolutely wonderful. The violin definitely floats, and I can nearly slip my whole hand under my violin when secured in place.

The design is fabulous and compact, but the lack of subway handle adds a perception of clunkiness when handling.

- Chase W.

Bobelock Corregidor Violin Cases

Price: $334






Beautiful wooden case. Beautiful interior. Spacious pockets. Temperature-resistant wooden shells.

If you are looking for an oblong violin case thatcombines character and craftsmanship at a relatively lower cost, then this product will be the right one for you!

Thesewooden luxury violin cases are built using a five-layered plywood case construction covered with a durable nylon canvas zippered cover with brass fittings and a spacious music pocket.

The zippered abrasion-resistant nylon cover has rain flaps toprotect against rain and snow and helps to maintain constant humidity inside your case.

What makes this case comparable to the most prestigious European cases is the interior of the case, which offers upluxurious English velvet paddings, a rope lid outline, and a quilted base.

What we love most about this case are the2 spacious accessories pockets. You will not find a violin case with more spacious pockets than this case.

One of the pockets islarge enough to fit a Bon Musica shoulder rest. And the other pocket is spacious enough to fit standard shoulder rests.

These cases are probablythe most elegant-looking, protective and durable oblong cases you’ll find under $300.

What customers have said about this case:

Great Case and Great Company!

This is a really classy, nice, well-made case. The customer service team was also fantastic in helping me choose the right case. Your violin will be safely kept with this design and case itself is very durable.

- Anne P.

Best Violin Case!

I couldn't be happier with this case. It is beautiful, built with excellent craftsmanship, and it has great storage. Outstanding!

- Kathy C.

Beautiful case

It’s a beautiful case that is well made and looks like it would cost a whole lot more than what it’s sold for. Good wood construction, and holds humidity perfectly and is very stable when it comes to changes in climate. Highly Recommend.

- Michael C.

Great value

Spacious, protective, high quality and reasonably priced.

- Jacob W.

Gewa Pure Violin Cases

Price: $238-$297






Polycarbonate shells are strong, durable, light, and temperature-resistant. They’re also used to make shatterproof glass!

Polycarbonate is almost as strong as carbon fiber, butmuch more affordable. Plus they’re more temperature-resistant compared to carbon fiber cases.

This case is alsoadjustable to fit 3/4 and full size violins.

The case includes two removable backpack straps which makes it highly portable andtravel-friendly. It can also be carried using the main side handle or the subway handle at the top.

Each case comes with a silk blanket, a detachable accessory pouch for your small accessories, as well as a larger pocket for your music (for oblong cases only).

What we love the most about these Gewa Pure violin cases isthe amount of protection and durability you get at an affordable price.

These are probablythe most protective hardshell cases you will find at $250.

What customers have said about this case:

I like it!

I like it. It looks well made, and it is functional.

- Manuela K.

Great case

We gave our daughter this case for Christmas. She loves it! She likes the size and it is much lighter than her previous case.

- Amy H.

Love the case!

Love the woven pattern on this case. It’s simple, but feels very sturdy and protective. I was on a tighter budget, and I think this probably was the best option out there for the price I paid.

- Robert S.

Bam Hightech Violin Cases

Price: $674-$1444






Stylish violin cases designed in France. Beautiful exterior shells. TheCabin violin cases are extremely popular among traveling violinists.

You also have the option to get theBam violin hoodies to insulate your case even more during cold weather.

The Bam Hightech violin cases have been some of themost popular violin cases around the world because of their protection, durability, and stylish designs.

The case features Bam’s signature triple-ply structuring technique with ABS Airex and injected composite foam. Think of the shell as a sandwich with the 2 outer layers for protection, and inner layer for insulation.

This technology makes the cases extremely strong, andbetter against heat penetration compared to carbon fiber cases.

It also has anairtight seal that controls the humidity within the case and prevents rain water from seeping in.

The case offers suspension like no other with foam cushioning beneath a black plush interior covering.

There is a removable accessories pouch and comfortable neoprene backpack straps for ease of transport.

What we absolutely love about the Hightech violin cases are the exterior designs.No other brand has as many beautiful and stylish cases as Bam.

What customers are saying

Wonderful Little Case

This is a great little (cabin) case for travel. You can't fit a thing inside but the violin itself, but you can feel confident that your instrument is safe and travel-worthy in the sense of an airline commanding you to check the case. Two thumbs up. Moreover, the Great Violin Cases people were extremely helpful with my purchase. Two thumbs up for them too.

- Anthony C.

Perfect Airplane Case

My new (cabin) case means I can now carry my violin all over the world, every time I travel. So no 3-week stretches without practicing! It's so small that it fits any plane's overhead bin and looks so small and compact next to the big honkers of carry-ons that people try to take onboard that the gate attendants don't even glance at it. I put the bow case in my suitcase. Worth every penny!

- Jean G.

Excellent case - compact and strong

This is a fantastic (cabin) case - when my violin is inside I am confident it is secure and well protected. It is a "suspension" style case, meaning that the fiddle is suspended inside the case by the padded post that grips the neck and the padding that grips the body of the instrument on either side of the tailpiece. I've tried several different violins in the case (they're all full size but slightly different) and they all fit securely. The fiddle is snugly held by the suspension mechanisms and doesn't slide or shake. The latches are very strong and smooth operating and the seal around the outside edge gives an extra measure of thermal protection. I like that the case comes with a keyring size sample of the case material - you can see what it is made of and why it is so strong and light.

- Tech

Well worth the investment!

This (contoured) case is absolutely gorgeous and incredibly lightweight. My violin is secure and protected with the padding the case provides and the fact that the case is lockable by key really helps ease my mind because I have a younger sibling (3 years old) who looooves the violin and regularly sneaks into my room to try to see it… The case also includes spinners to secure your bow and has room for 2 bows. The zippered bag included has more than enough room for my rosin, mute, and random accessories. The only downside is that there is no room for your music but this isn't really a priority for me and the fact that this case came with backpack straps more than makes up for this.

- Caroline H.

Light as a feather

Lighter than the music bag! Makes you want to take the violin everywhere. No more shoulder pain. Worth every penny for a high quality violin and someone committed to playing for the long haul.

- Cheryl D.

Tonareli Cello-Shaped Violin Cases

Price: $296-$329






Lots of colors to choose from. Verypopular among students. Adjustable to fit 3/4 and full size violins.

These stylish and affordable cases look like a mini shaped cello cases.  

They feature adjustable cushions secured to the case by velcro pads toaccommodate both full size and 3/4 size violins.

The exterior featuresglossy-finish fiberglass shells that will surely make your case stand out!

These cases also featureairtight seals so that your instrument isprotected from inclement weather.

The interior features two swivel bow holders, an accessories pouch, and an instrument blanket.

What we love most about these cases isthe enormous selection of exterior colors. Which is why they’ve been so popular among student violinists for years.

What customers have said about this case:

Highly recommended!

I saw a colleague at work with one, and promptly ordered one. It is much better quality than I thought, great backpack straps, good sturdy insides, and roomy for shoulder rest, and rosin, etc. I am very pleased and it got here much quicker than I expected. I highly recommend this case and this seller!

- Paul P.

Love it

Once my daughter figured out how everything was adjustable in the case,she truly loved it.

The color matched her music stand and it is so light compared to her other case.

To me, it is durable and will protect her violin the way it should.

- Louis S.

Love! Love! Love!

Two of my daughters now have these tonareli cases, and they love them. They are as cute as they can be, but also, very protective with a very firm hard shell. Inside is well padded with cool little pocket for rosin. We have the purple and the mint green, but have seen other kids with the blue and the silver, and the colors in all cases are vibrant and beautiful.

- Elaine

Great case for violins!

I love the color and the material is really sturdy for the price, so you’re not over-paying. The color selection is awesome and they’re super light weight!

- Jessica L.


The case itself is awesome, sturdy, and cool looking!

It was a gift for my kid, and you would have thought by her reaction that it was a new car.

I expect this thing to last as my student advances, and maybe even take her through college.

- Beau B.

Super Light Contoured Cases

Price: $385






Extremely light cases.Made in Japan. Quality craftsmanship. Rainproof zippers.One of the very few contoured cases with sheet music pouch.

The brand name says it all! This case is built with a thick, but extremely light and durable foam core which is great for shock absorption & thermal insulation.

The interior features black fabric with three bow holders, a blanket, neck strap, single accessory pocket, and sturdy suspension system.

The exterior canvas is made of a special wovenrainproof fabric, high quality YKK Aqua Guard zippers, andlocks made by Amiet of Switzerland.

Along with all that comes a subway strap, leather handle, custom backpack straps for ease and comfort, and exterior sheet music pocket that can accommodate large size sheet music.

What we love about this case is obviously the weight.Only 3.3 lb. It really doesn’t get lighter than this. Plus you’re not sacrificing protection or durability.

At Great Violin Cases our main concern is providing our customers with the highest quality violin cases and customer service on the market.

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