• Top 6 Reasons To Get A GEWA Violin Case

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    Gewa is a very well-known name in the world of musical instrument protection.

    It was founded in 1925 by Georg Walther. And with over 95 years of experience and innovation, it comes as no surprise that these German-engineered cases have protected some of the most valuable violins in the world.

    In recent years, Gewa violin cases have been growing in tremendous popularity, thanks to their Gewa Air violin case and Gewa Pure case.

    In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular violin cases by Gewa, the materials they use, and the top reasons to get these cases.

    Gewa Air Violin Case

    Very Light

    As the name suggests, these cases are incredibly light! The contoured cases weigh as little as 3.5 lbs. And the oblong cases weigh about 4.4 lbs. Weight is an extremely important factor when it comes to choosing a violin case because heavy cases result in poor posture over time.


    The Air cases are made of thermoplastic shells. Gewa specifically chose this material over carbon fiber because of temperature resistance.

    For several years, carbon fiber violin cases were the most popular cases when it came to exceptional protection and durability under 5 lbs.

    However, there was one major issue with carbon fiber cases - heat conductivity. Carbon fiber is a metallic case that can heat up under the sun!

    Which is why GEWA decided to use thermoplastic shells to make these cases. Plastic doesn’t heat up like carbon fiber cases do.

    Extremely Protective

    Great protection is a must when it comes to choosing the right violin case. And this is often hard to achieve when you’re also going for the lightest violin case.

    Generally, the lighter the material is, the more fragile it becomes. There are exceptions such as carbon fiber. But as mentioned above, these cases aren’t the most heat-resistant cases either.

    However, thanks to the engineers at Gewa, they have created these exceptionally strong Gewa Air cases with the use of thermoplastic, and a molding technique that gives these plastics superior strength.


    These cases have a few functional features that make your life easier!

    • Removable accessory pouch. These pouches are secured to your case via velcro. So you can easily remove them while keeping all your accessories in one pouch.
    • 3-digit combination locks. Lock your case without worrying about losing the keys! Just don’t forget your combination.
    • 2 velcro rings for shoulder rest. This is a feature found in the oblong cases. But it allows you to secure shoulder rests of any shape and size.


    Violin cases range between $50 and $4000. And of course these Air violin cases aren’t the cheapest cases around. But they’re definitely one of the most affordable cases for the type of protection you’re getting.

    These cases are as strong, durable, and light as carbon fiber cases. But they do not heat up under the sun like carbon fiber cases do. And most carbon fiber violin cases range between $800 to $1,200.


    There are several beautiful colors to choose from. And there’s also the Gewa Air Prestige collection. Which features an extra layer of quality leather on the top shells.

    Check out all of the Gewa Air violin cases.

    Gewa Pure Violin Case

    These cases are basically the more affordable version of the Gewa Air cases. There are a few key differences though.

    Lightweight - They weigh about 4 to 5.3 lbs. That’s about a pound heavier than the Air cases.

    Made of polycarbonate - This material is one of the strongest plastics you can find. It’s also used to make shatterproof glass. And a good bonus of using polycarbonate is that they’re very scratch-resistant!

    Can also fit ¾ size violins - The Pure cases feature movable neck straps, so they can accommodate both ¾ and 4/4 violins.

    Latches - Instead of using 3-digit combination locks like the Air cases, the Pure cases feature standard latches.

    Affordable - These cases are the most protective and durable cases you’ll find under $300. Part of Gewa’s mission has always been to build protective cases that don’t break the bank! And they’ve definitely done so with the Pure polycarbonate violin cases.

    Check out all the Gewa Pure violin cases.

    Gewa Bio Violin Case

    The Gewa Bio cases are the stylish, simple, and affordable cases by Gewa. They’re around $150.

    The interior is very simple. That’s because the idea is to make protective and durable cases under $150. So they’re stripped of any costly “bells and whistles” that usually makes the interior feel more luxurious.

    The shells are made of flax sheets, which is an organic plant material. The flax shell is also very temperature-resistant, since it doesn’t absorb temperatures like metallic cases do.

    Check out the Gewa Bio violin cases.

    Gewa Maestro Violin Case

    Last but not least is the Maestro case. This is designed for professionals who want that luxurious velvet padding for their beloved instruments.

    They’re ideal for violinists that want the classic and traditional look with modern protection. The shells are made of thermoplastic instead of wood. Which makes the case lighter; weighing 5.7 lbs., compared to standard wooden violin cases that weigh between 6 to 8 lbs.

    The interior pockets are spacious. The large pocket can fit a Bon Musica shoulder rest. The exterior features water-resistant canvas covers, and a full length zippered sheet music pouch.

    If you’re going for a truly unique design, check out the Gewa Venetian violin case.


    There are definitely a lot more options when it comes to Gewa violin cases, and we encourage you to take some time to explore them. But we’ve chosen to focus on the 4 cases that have been the most popular among student and professional violinists.

    If you’ve got the budget, go for the Gewa Air violin case. If you have a spending limit of $250, go for the Pure case. If you’re on a tighter budget of around $150, we recommend the Gewa Bio case. And if you like that traditional look but with a more modern protection, go for the Maestro.

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