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    Gewa has been around since 1925. So they know a thing or two about protecting orchestral instruments. Not only are their cello cases sturdy, light, and durable; but they're also quite affordable for the quality protection you get. Part of Gewa's mission is to bring affordable protection to professional and student musicians.

    Quick Tips

    Looking for a lightweight cello hard case with superior protection?

    We recommend the Gewa Air cello cases. They weigh 8.6 lb., they're extremely protective, and they're more temperature-resistant than carbon fiber cello cases. Plus they come in several elegant colors.

    Looking for great protection at an affordable price?

    We recommend the Gewa Pure cello cases with wheels. These polycarbonate cases weigh about 10 lb. And they're extremely tough and sturdy. Polycarbonate is also quite scratch-resistant.

    Need a comfy backpack system?

    Consider getting your Gewa case with the Gewa cello case backpack system. A proper backpack system will prevent poor posture over time. And the comfort straps won't dig into your shoulders!

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