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    Protect your violin with these strong and durable Tonareli hardshell violin cases.

    All Tonareli fiberglass violin cases now feature movable bottom cushions (with velcro), to accommodate 3/4 and 4/4 size violins. These hard cases are some of our most popular violin cases for students. There are several color options to choose from.


    "So easy to find at school among all the other regular cases. The back straps are comfy and easy to put on... thanks, Tonareli!"

    - Kathleen K.

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    Tonareli cello-shaped violin cases
    • Shapes: shaped & oblong
    • Weight: 5-5.6 lb.
    • Good protection
    • Good temperature resistance
    • 3/4 & 4/4 violins
    • Removable accessory pouch
    • Space under instrument for shoulder rest (shaped case)


    • Shapes: oblong
    • Weight: 6.7 lb.
    • Ok protection
    • Great temperature resistance
    • 4/4 violins only
    • Luxurious quilted interior

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    Tonareli Shaped Fiberglass Violin Case

    Constructed of light weight and durable fiberglass. Protects your instrument from inclement weather and sudden temperature changes.

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    About Tonareli


    Tonareli manufactures both stringed instruments and cases. They're most well known for their colorful fiberglass cases. You won't find another brand with more color options than Tonareli.

    They're also the first to introduce the cello-shaped violin cases. Which is now a very popular option among violinists.

    The new Tonareli fiberglass cases can now accommodate 3/4 size violins as well. Making them one of the very few 3/4 fiberglass violin cases out there that still offers great protection. This is great for young violinists that will be transitioning to full size violins in the future, and not have to worry about getting another case. Check out this article for reasons on why you'd want a fiberglass case.