• Great Violin Cases Pre-Orders

    The Post-COVID era has not been kind to many of the brands we work with (short-staffed, shipping delays, new customs regulations, etc.). Causing many popular cases to be out of stock...

    Which is why we want to make the pre-order process as smooth as we can for you!

    Pre-Order FAQs

    The ETA will be shown on the product page. After you pay the deposit, we'll also send an email right away to confirm the ETA.

    Yes, you can cancel a pre-order anytime. If you choose to cancel your pre-order within 6 days of paying your 10% deposit, you can can get a full refund.

    However, deposits are non-refundable after those 6 days (unless the ETA changes to a later date, in which you'll have the option to cancel for a full refund).

    When your case is in our warehouse and ready to ship, we'll send you a payment request for the remaining 90%. After this amount has been paid, we'll ship the case to your address, along with a tracking number.

    Yes. Once you pay the 10% deposit, you have 6 days to cancel for a full refund.

    However, after those 6 days, deposits are non-refundable (unless the original ETA gets further delayed. Then you'll have the option to cancel for a full refund).

    If the original ETA gets pushed back, we'll give you the option to continue waiting for the case, or cancel and get your full deposit back.

    Yes, you can change your pre-order to a different case. However, your original pre-order will have to be cancelled.

    If you want to pre-order 2 cases, you'll need to pay the 10% deposit for each case.

    Unfortunately, no. ETAs change more often than we like. Unforeseen circumstances can further delay original ETAs.

    If we further delay the ETA we send you in our first email, you'll have the option to cancel your pre-order for a full refund.