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    Gewa Air 2.0 Shaped High Gloss Viola Case


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    Weight: 4.4 lb

    Size: Fits 13" to 17" body

    Material: Thermoplastic Shells

    - Specially developed thermoplastic shell
    - Adjustable patented mechanical neck rest
    - Padded, custom-fit suspension system
    - GEWA patented swivel type bow holders, flexible bow bridge
    - Extreme resistance to breaking, best insulation properties
    - Practical, removable accessory pocket
    - Protective cover
    Combination lock
    - 2 removable neoprene backpack straps for high carrying comfort
    - Leather handle (hand sewn)

    Gewa Air 2.0 Shaped Viola Case With Subway Handle - Three colors available

    The Gewa "Air 2.0" are German-engineered cases that are extremely strong, and unbelievably light viola cases.They've been an extremely popular option among top musicians around the world! They feature energy-absorbing thermoplastic shells. The cases are produced by bonding the materials with heat. The foam between the inner and outer shells is injected under high pressure. This is a different technique from most other cases in the market, where the already finished material is bent into shape. This causes stress and different thickness in the material, especially around the critical edges. Because of Gewa's unique, high-quality, and German-engineered development techniques, the Gewa Air cases offer exceptional protection and insulation against cold and heat.

    About Gewa

    Originally founded in 1925, Gewa has built a reputation for itself as the creator of some of the most indestructible cases in the world. It is a trusted brand among top musicians such as Elisabeth Pitcairn, Midoi, Jan Vogler, Frank Peter Zimmermann, Mira Wang, and many more. Gewa cases have protected priceless instruments for decades, and each case is carefully designed in Germany. Gewa holds several patents, such as the swivel bow holder, neck support, material, and many more. With a name like Gewa, you know your beloved instrument is well protected.

    Top Reasons To Get This Case

    ✔️ Only 4.4 lbs.

    ✔️ Great for traveling violinists

    ✔️ German-engineered

    ✔️ Extremely protective and durable

    ✔️ Great against hot and cold climates

    ✔️ Padded suspension system (suspends the viola so it doesn't knock against the case)

    ✔️ Patented bow holders that clicks into place, better for securing your bow

    ✔️ 3-digit combination locks

    ✔️ Exterior Dimensions: 81 x 30 x 17 cm