• OM518W-1-BU

    Mirage Carbonpoly Cello Case Blue

    Weight: 10 lb

    Size: 4/4

    Material: Polycarbonate Shell

    - CarbonPoly Construction
    - Temperature Insulation
    - Ergonomic Design
    - Stylish & Scratch-Resistant
    - Interior Suspension System

    Mirage Carbonpoly Cello Case Black

    Experience the sublime combination of unrivaled protection and effortless mobility. Meticulously designed for the discerning musician, this cello case is the epitome of reliability and convenience.

    The Mirage CarbonPoly Cello Case is constructed using a unique carbon fiber-infused polycarbonate shell. This groundbreaking material not only ensures paramount strength and durability but also provides superior temperature insulation. Whether you're on the road or on stage, your cello is securely shielded from unexpected knocks and temperature fluctuations.

    What's even more impressive? This robust protection comes in a package that weighs only 10 lb. (approximately 4.5 kg), making transportation hassle-free.

    Top Reasons To Get This Case

    ✔️ Supreme Strength and Durability from CarbonPoly Material

    ✔️ Featherlight at 10 lb. (approx. 4.5 kg)

    ✔️ Specialized Accommodation for Wider Cello Models

    ✔️ Scratch-resistant, Stylish Woven-Textured Surface

    ✔️ Easy-Move with 2 Wheels

    ✔️ Secure Zipper-Operated Bow Holders

    ✔️ Advanced Suspension System

    Embrace the superior protection and unparalleled convenience with the Mirage CarbonPoly Cello Case CC-518w. Your cello deserves nothing but the best.