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Tonareli VCDB1000 Black Soft Cello Case

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Tonareli Black VCDB1000 Soft Cello Case

Tonareli has always had an incredible reputation for making some of the most beautiful and sturdy cello cases in the market today. The VCDB series may not be as strong as the carbon fiber series. But it really depends on what you need as a cellist, since these cases are also much more affordable.

These cases have a full 16 mm of padding, large music pockets, and pockets for 2 bows. They have fully adjustable backpack straps, and heavy duty zippers.

Even though these case don't have wheels, they only weigh 4.6 pounds, which makes them fairly easy to carry. These cases are ideal for cellists who rehearse and perform locally, and find it easier to carry their cellos, rather than wheeling them around.