Best 4/4 Violin Cases 2022

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Finding Your Full Size 4/4 Violin Case

4/4 violin case

Finding the best full size 4/4 violin case is important because it can protect your violin for decades. It’s not like finding a case for a ¾ size violin where the student will outgrow it in a few short years.

There are literally thousands of options out there when it comes to full size cases. Our goal is to help you find the one that’s perfect for you based on your needs.

If you already have a good idea of what you’re looking for, check out our collection offull size violin cases.

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What To Watch Out For

full size violin case

As mentioned before, there are thousands of options when it comes to full-size violin cases. Unfortunately, many of these options aren’t designed with you in mind. Here’s a short list of things to look out for when choosing a case:


  • Avoid hardshell cases under $100. It may say it’s made of carbon fiber or fiberglass, but it could be paper thin. A gig bag will probably be more protective.
  • Avoid cases with no brand names. These are often made of cheap hardware that can fall apart within months. This includes cheap zippers, hinges, and locks.
  • Avoid cases that aren’t ideal for your environment. For example, don’t get a carbon fiber case if you live in a hot climate. Carbon fiber absorbs heat!
  • Understand the humidity of your environment. Cases can protect your violin, there’s only so much they can do against humidity. Learn howhumidity affects your violin.
  • Don’t get a case just because it’s pretty! Check the weight. You don’t want to develop poor posture just to carry a pretty case. Light cases are 5 lbs. or less.


These are just a few pointers. To learn more, check out ourfull guide on buying a violin case.

Best 4/4 Cases For Students

Tonareli violin case 4/4

An ideal case for students is protective, durable, and lightweight. We know students are often juggling heavy books and running between classes. Plus they may be around other rowdy students that may not understand that the violin is not a toy!

Which is why we recommend theTonareli violin cases. They come in an assortment of colors. They weigh a little more than 5 lb. And their tough fiberglass shells will keep the instrument well protected.

Plus they’re adjustable to fit ¾ and full size violins. So if your student is starting on a ¾ violin, you can get this case without worrying about getting another case in just a few short years.

Best Value Full-Size Case

Best full-size violin case

One of our favorite violin cases is theGewa Pure violin case. It’s the most protective case you’ll find under $300. Plus they’re made of polycarbonate, which makes them more weather resistant, and scratch resistant.

These cases also feature adjustable neck cushions to accommodate ¾ and full size violins. The oblong cases also have padded sheet music pouches on the backsides. So you can keep your sheet music and instrument all in one place.

Best Cases For Professionals

Bam Hightech violin case

Got a valuable violin that requires the best protection? Then we recommend theBam Hightech violin cases. They’re not the cheapest cases, but they’ll last you for decades. We did a quick survey of thecases preferred by top violinists, and the Bam Hightech cases showed up a few times.

These cases are as protective and durable as they get. Plus they’re much more temperature-resistantcompared to carbon fiber violin cases. They come in all kinds of elegant styles. Which makes them a great gift for serious violinists.

Fun & Colorful Full-Size Cases

colorful violin case

Another fun option for students are the fun and colorfulJakob Winter violin cases. They have some of the most unique designs we’ve ever seen. Plus they’re incredibly lightweight! Most of them weigh as little as 3.4 lb.

These are hard foam cases that are sturdy and durable. They may not be as protective as the hardshell cases mentioned above, but they’re the most affordable cases under 4 lb., that don't sacrifice protection (many $100 foam cases these days can break just by tripping on them).

Cheapest 4/4 Violin Case

cheap 4/4 violin case

One of the most affordable cases that does not sacrifice protection is theGewa Bio violin case. We generally do not recommend hard violin cases under $100 because they break far too easily.

Or they’re often made of cheap components, like zippers, hinges, locks, etc. And too often we see an unusable case due to broken zippers.

The Gewa Bio case is an affordable case that’ll still protect your violin for many years. Plus it’s flax shell makes it one of the most unique violin cases we’ve seen!


Find a 4/4 violin case based on your needs. Are you buying it for a student that carries heavy books on a daily basis? Is the student surrounded by other kids that may not understand how fragile a violin is?

Or are you a professional looking for a case that’ll protect your beloved instrument for decades to come?

Remember, you won’t outgrow a full size violin. So the case you get will most likely be the one you stick with for years to come!

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