• A+ ALU

    Bam A+ Backpack Aluminum

    Weight: 0.8 kg

    Size: 39x27x20cm

    Material: Water-resistant

    - Subway Handle
    - Side Handle
    - Front Pocket
    - 2 removable Backpack straps
    - 4 adjustment straps
    - Case fastening system

    Aluminum Bam A+ Backpack

    The Bam A+ Backpacks are designed for the Bam Hightech cases without pockets. Making them the perfect add-ons! They can store sheet music, accessories, and other personal items such as laptops, chargers, headphones, etc. The material is very durable. They can be attached to any of the Hightech violin and viola cases.


    Interior Features

    • 2 large pockets
    • 39x27x12cm
    • 39x27x8cm