• 4011SN

    Bam Cabine Alto Sax Case Black




    Black Bam Cabine Alto Sax Case

    Molded on Selmer M6 Saxophone.

    This Bam Cabine alto sax case is a very stylish and elegant case! It features Bam’s signature high density foam protection, which protects your instrument against harmful temperatures, and serves as a great suspension system.

    It has a weather-proof airtight seal and sturdy ABS exterior shells, which makes the case extremely protective and durable! Plus, the case only weighs 2.4 kg.

    About Bam

    Bam France has been a leader in instrument protection for decades. Their cases have protected some of the most valuable instruments around the world. They’re popular among musicians, museums, and auction houses. Bam cases are known for their durability, protection, and lightweight. They’re also the most stylish instrument cases you will find!

    Weight: 2.4 kg (5.3 lb.)