• 3001SF

    Bam Classic Alto Sax Case Green




    The Trusted Classic Alto Sax Case

    Molded on Selmer M6 Saxophone.

    The Bam Classic series has been a top seller across several instrument cases designed by Bam. They re-engineered the Classic case for alto saxophones, ensuring the same quality protection and workmanship.

    The case features Bam’s signature high density foam protection, which protects your instrument against harmful temperatures, and serves as a great suspension system. This means if you drop your case, the foam absorbs the shock, not your instrument!

    The exterior Cordura fabric is water-resistant. And the external pocket is large enough to fit a flute case or other accessories.

    About Bam

    Bam has been one of the most innovate brands in the past decades. By consistently innovating, they have completely changed the industry of instrument protection. Not only have they pushed the limits of making the most protective and durable cases, they've also made some of the most stylish cases. Find a Bam case that reflects the artist in you.

    Weight: 1.8 kg (3.9 lb.)