• HO1000XL GRN

    Bam Cello Case Hoody Green




    Bam Green Hoody for Hightech Cello Cases

    These Bam Hoodies were specifically designed for Bam 2.9 Slim and Classic Model Hightech cello cases. They're perfect for protecting your case from scratches, coffee spills, dirt, etc. And they serve as an extra layer of protection during inclement weathers!

    Spilling wine on your case doesn't cause any damage, but it can still leave a stain on your case. It's during these times that you will be thankful for your Bam Hoody! You can easily get a new hoody, rather than replacing the entire case.

    Weight: 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs.)


    • No weight addition to the original Hightech case
    • Water resistant
    • Made of Nylon and nonwoven fabric
    • Dry cleaning
    • One Hoody for each mood

    Interior Dimensions:

    • 136 x 51 x 32 cm

    Bam Cello Case Hoody