• SIGN3028S BLK

    Bam Signature Bb/A Clarinets Case Black

    Weight: 2 kg (4.4 lb)

    Size: B flat + A Clarinets

    Material: Foam Case

    - Inside cradle made of injected high density polyurethane foam, protecting the instrument against thermal shocks
    - Association of Real Leather & Grey Flannel fabric, printed with Bam pattern
    - 2 comfortable padded backpack straps, retractable and adjustable
    - Side handle
    - Real Leather front pocket
    - Dedicated space for 4 barrels

    Black Bam Katyushka B flat + A Clarinets Case

    Molded on Buffet Crampon RC Clarinets.

    These Bam gray flannel Signature clarinet cases are elegant looking and protective cases. The exterior features tough and durable gray flannel fabric. The interior features Bam's signature high density foam core, which protects your instrument against temperature damages, and serves as a suspension system. These cases are, light, durable, and stylish, and sure to protect your beloved instrument!

    About Bam

    Bam France has been a leader in instrument protection for decades. Their cases have protected some of the most valuable instruments around the world. They’re popular among musicians, museums, and auction houses. Bam cases are known for their durability, protection, and lightweight. They’re also the most stylish instrument cases you will find!

    Top Reasons to get this Case

    ✔️ Only 2 kg

    ✔️ Elegant exterior patterns

    ✔️ Signature protection and durability


    Interior Dimensions

    Bb Clarinet

    • Upper Joint: 22 cm
    • Lower Joint: 25.5 cm
    • Bell: 10 cm

    A Clarinet

    • Upper Joint: 24 cm
    • Lower Joint: 28 cm
    • Bell: 10.5 cm

    Exterior Dimensions

    • 42x30x17 cm